There’s no cat as misunderstood as the mini house panther, AKA the black cat. 


Unfortunately these slick felines tend to be overlooked for a variety of old school stigmas and myths. Did you know black cats are typically seen in shelters and rescues more often than any other colour?


Let’s spread the truth about these black beauties, because they definitely deserve the spotlight!

Here are 5 reasons why you should adopt a black cat! 

1. They’re always dressed for the occasion. Black goes with everything and anything, these purrmonsters are born ready for all the fun festivities you plan on hosting in your home. 


2. They look like mini house panthers! Need we say more? Who wouldn’t want a majestic and graceful black panther living in your home!

3. Health problems are minimal. Some research suggests black cats are more resistant to disease than any other felines. Due to their natural camouflage, black cats had an advantage in the wild, which allowed them to become experts at survival. 

4. They have amazing purrsonalities! Black cats are known to be playful, affectionate and full of energy. Don’t let horror movies fool you, they’re far from scary. These loveable goofballs are the way to go if you’re looking for a loyal and fun-loving companion. 


5. You can save a life! One of the best reasons to adopt a black cat. No matter the colour of their fur, every animal deserves to find a home where they can feel loved and cherished. Opening up your home and heart gives a homeless animal a second chance. 

Here at AARCS we believe love knows no colour! Your feline friend doesn’t care what colour your hair is, so why should you? You can view all of our adoptable cats at

Psst… We’ve got black dogs AND critters seeking forever homes too!

Andrea Kozak

Andrea Kozak

Social Engagement Coordinator

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