Adoptable Cats

Thank you for your interest in rescuing an animal with us. We only profile those animals on this page which are healthy and officially ready to be adopted. However, there are many more animals behind the scenes that are being nursed back to health by our incredible foster parents or are just too young to be put up for adoption.

Cats featured on this page are located in Calgary. If you wish to adopt a cat located in Edmonton, visit our North Haven Animals page.

Check back often as our website is updated daily!

Pending Applications

This means there is an adopter interested in the cat already. You can still apply for him/her, however, there is someone ahead of you that will have first opportunity to adopt.

Cat of the Week

Cats chosen for Cat of the Week have a reduced adoption fee of $50 for one week! If a Bonded Pair is chosen the Cat of the Week Duo will have a reduced adoption fee of $100! Senior kitties (9 years or older) chosen as our Cat of the Week have a reduced adoption fee of $40 for one week!

Please Note

There are NO Adoptable Animals at AARCS Safe Haven for viewing. All of our animals are available for adoption are in foster homes throughout Calgary and the surrounding area.


Patiently Waiting for the Purrfect Match! Maybe That's You?

Bromley and Brinley

AARCS proudly participates in Hills Food Shelter and Love program. Our animals are fed Science Diet and Prescription foods, where our veterinarians have deemed it necessary. Adopters will be provided with an adoption kit, including a sample bag of food and coupon, at the time of adoption.