Adoptable Critters

Thank you for your interest in rescuing an animal with us. We only profile those animals on this page which are healthy and officially ready to be adopted. Our Critter Program is relatively small, so we do not have many adoptable critters at any given time.

Check back often as our website is updated as they become available!

Adoption FEES

Critter adoption fees range between $20 – $50.

AARCS’ Critters include but are not limited to Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and Skinny Pigs.

Please Note

There are NO Adoptable Animals at AARCS Safe Haven for viewing.

All of our animals are available for adoption are in foster homes throughout Calgary and the surrounding area.



Rabbit / American DSH X / 1 Year / Neutered Male / Calgary

“Hello there and happy Spring! Bobby the bunny here to tell you all about myself. I am a handsome, soft, black fur ball with gorgeous grey feet. When you look into my eyes you will see that I am kind, loyal and full of mystery. I fill my days travelling through exotic tunnels, taking in all the world has to offer, playing with my favourite luxuries, and taking breaks in the laps of those who care for me. My vegetarian diet extends beyond hay and pellets as I crave trying new things with bright colours and mouth-watering crunch. I was born to explore the world and do so filled with curiosity and a dose of caution.

I am looking to move onto bigger and better adventures. Will you provide me with the necessities I need to continue on my journey? I cannot wait to me you and look forward to my next chapter!” — XO Love Bobby



Rabbit / American DSH X / 7 Months Old / Spayed Female / Calgary

“🎶 Can any bunny find me… some bunny to love?
I hop hard (she hops hard) every day of my life,
I hop ’til I ache to my bones,
At the end (at the end of the day) I take home (takes home) my hard-earned hay all on my own… 🎶

For a bun, I’m a shy diva. I like the quiet times to blitz around the house. Sit quietly and you’ll see me explore the house — up and over couches, chairs and other furniture, and under tables. I might very well even jump into your lap. I like to get as high as I can go. I can be shy when first meeting you, but my heart is slowly won over with fresh veggies. Especially lettuce and other leafy greens!

I’m looking for a home with a lot of love to give. A fair bit of time outside of the rabbit hutch would be amazing, just make sure the space is bunny proofed. I can jump pretty high when I’m exploring, so a covered exercise pen would be best when I’m not supervised. I’ve lived with other rabbits previously and currently live with both cats and dogs. I’m a young bun, so I may do well with a bunny companion, given some patience and time to adjust. In this case a suite of my own would be best until everyone is settled in.”  — XO Love Nori