Spring Lottery + 50/50 Add-on

Feeling lucky? Get your paws on tickets to our Spring Lottery in support of hundreds of animals (we’re not kitten) in our care at any given time!

Grand Prize


Deadline: Friday, May 27, 2022

Cash Prizes

10x $1,000

Deadline: Friday, May 27, 2022


⭐️ 1 for $25


⭐️ 3 for $65

⭐️ 5 for $100


⭐️ 1 Ticket for $10

Winner Takes 1/2 · Updated May 19 at 9:00am

Lottery Tickets Available:

⭐️ 3,500 single tickets at $25
⭐️ 1,615 bundles of 3 for $65
⭐️ 1,575 bundles of 5 for $100
⭐️ Total of 16,221 Tickets Available

50/50 Add-on Tickets Available

⭐️ Total of 80,000 Tickets Available

E-Tickets will be Emailed to You!

AGLC LOTTERY LICENCE: #593610 AGLC 50/50 LICENCE: #593611 *as per Alberta Gaming Rules and Regulations, all ticket purchasers must be over the age of 18 and a resident of Alberta, Canada

Early Bird Prize Winner

Gina S. from Calgary with lucky ticket number ASPC300188004



Friday, May 27, 2022


Thursday, June 2, 2022


• Tickets are only available online through Stride Management.
• Tickets will not be sold to any person under the legal age of 18. Should the name of a minor be on a winning ticket, the prize will not be awarded until the conditions of the Public Trustee Act are met. Only residents of Alberta are eligible to purchase tickets.
• All draws will take place on the property of Stride Management, 3950 12 Street NE Calgary AB T2E 8H9
• All purchased tickets will be drawn individually, in prize order from the lowest value to the highest value.
• After each winner is drawn, the winner’s information is recorded, the winning ticket will be re-submitted for all remaining prize draws.
• AARCS Board members or any member of their immediate family, residing at the same address are not eligible to purchase tickets. AARCS Employees or any member of their immediate family, residing at the same address are not eligible to purchase tickets.
• Prizes must be accepted as awarded.
• Winners will be notified by phone within 7 days of being drawn. If winners cannot be reached by phone within 48 hours, they will be notified by email within 7 days of the winning ticket being drawn.
• If a winner cannot be located within 365 days of the winning ticket being drawn, an application will be made to have the prize awarded to Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society.
• All ticket sales are final and non-refundable.
• Confirmation of ticket purchase will be emailed immediately.
• Official tickets will be emailed to the email address provided at the time of purchase.
• A list of winners will be made available to the public no later than 72 hours after the final draw on AARCS website or upon request.
• Early Bird Prize will be drawn on April 21, 2022. Final draws, including the 50/50 draw will be held on June 2, 2022 at 3:00 pm. All draws are open to the public.
• If less than 50% of the tickets are sold as of April 20, 2022 a draw date extension will be requested from AGLC.
• There are a total of 16,221 tickets available in the Spring Lottery. A single ticket is $25, pack of three is $65 and pack of 5 is $100.
• There are a total of 80,000 tickets available in the 50/50 lottery. Tickets are $10 each.
• In the event that a ticket is drawn with more than one name on it, the prize will only be awarded to one of the individuals identified on the ticket. AARCS and AGLC are not responsible for any disputes that may arise between the individuals whose names appear on the ticket.
• All draws will be conducted using a Random Number Generator (RNG System).
• Files are continuously backed up by STRIDE Management Corp. in the unexpected event of a power failure, the draw will be postponed and take place immediately once power has been restored.
• In the event of a complaint or concern, please contact Nicole Janke at [email protected]


AGLC 50/50 LICENCE: #593611


50/50 Raffle — February 2022

Winner of 50/50 $95,885
Alex H. | Ticket #AAWD400407036

Pictured: Nicole Janke (AARCS) and Alex H. with AARCS adopted dog, Maisie 

Lottery — Fall 2021

Winner Grand Prize $50,000
Jennifer B. | Ticket #AAFB200384002

Pictured: Kenneth D., Deanna Thompson, holding puppy Lena, Betty Ann B., Colleen T., Salome V., Jennifer B. ($50K winner, holding cheque) Other winners not in attendance: Hugh S., Margaret P., Nancy S., Shanna C., Brenda D., Chris O.

Winner Early Bird Prize $10,000
Katherine C. | Ticket #AAFC300974004

Winner Cash Prizes $1,000
Margaret P.W. | Ticket #AAFB200080003
Hugh S. D. | Ticket #AAFB200790003
Salome V. | Ticket #AAFC300763002
Nancy S. | Ticket #AAFA100354001
Kenneth D. | Ticket #AAFC300919004
Shanna C. | Ticket #AAFC300481005
Brenda D. | Ticket #AAFA103447001
Bettyann B. | Ticket #AAFC301329005
Chris O. | Ticket #AAFC301027003
Colleen T. | Ticket #AAFA102137001




Prize #1 – Tanis S. Ticket #AARA100690001 (St. Albert)
Prize #2 – Shannon M. Ticket #AARA100211001 (Calgary) 


LOTTERY — Spring 2021

Nicole Janke and AARCS (adoptable dog) present $50,000 cheque to Grand Prize winner Brittany P.

Nicole Janke and AARCS (foster dog) Peyton present $50,000 cheque to Grand Prize winner Brittany P.

AARCS Nicole Janke and (foster dog) Peyton with 2021 Spring Lottery winners Ken D., Anita L., Brittany P., and Nichola Q.

Grand Prize $50,000
Brittany P. | Ticket 016082

$5,000 Prize
Ken D. | Ticket 03825

$2,500 Prize
Strmd (Tony) L. | Ticket 22294

$1,000 Prize
Anita L. | Ticket 03946

$1,000 Prize
Nichola Q. | Ticket 00015

$1,000 Prize
Patricia L. | Ticket 018894

$1,000 Prize
Marilyn R. | Ticket 02059

$1,000 Prize
Brenda O. | Ticket 03828

Nicole Janke and AARCS (adoptable dog) Benny present $10,000 cheque to Early Bird winner Jessica C.

$10,000 Early Bird Winner
Jessica C. | Ticket 00884




50/50 Raffle — February 2021

$10,000 Winner
Leanne S. | Ticket #00215



Lottery — Fall 2020

Deanna Thompson with $50,000 Grand Prize Winner Wally Z.

Deanna Thompson and lottery winners Angela M., Kimberley R. (with AARCS alumna Blossom, 2-years old), and Sharon H.



Grand Prize $50,000
Wally Z. | Ticket 00305

2nd Prize $10,000
Michele M. | Ticket 13497

3rd Prize $5,000
Angela M. | Ticket 17215

$1,000 Prize
Kelly S. | Ticket 24566

$1,000 Prize
Deborah G. | Ticket 10886

$1,000 Prize
Sharon H. | Ticket 23942

$1,000 Prize
Brijeshkumar G. | Ticket 00158

$1,000 Prize
Kimberley R. | Ticket 12500

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