Re-homE an Animal With AARCS

Re-homing an animal should be the last resort for any pet guardian.

Here are some recommendations prior to transferring guardianship of your animal to a rescue or humane society:

Behavioural Issues:

Get advice from a trainer and have a health exam done by your veterinarian. Many behavioural issues, such as peeing outside the litter box, are often undiagnosed medical issues.

Check out some of AARCS’ blog posts on articles discussing some common behaviour issues and what you can do about it:

Check out our Links page for trainers and veterinarians.

Housing Issues:

Finding pet-friendly housing can be difficult, but there are options available. Here are some to start:

Financial Issues:

If you are not able to afford medical treatments, spay/neuter or food please consider pet insurance, ask about payment plans, or apply for assistance through one of the following resources:

AARCS’ mandate is to rescue stray and abandoned animals where animal services are limited. In some circumstances, we will accept transfer-of-guardianship animals, but there is no guarantee and you may be placed on a waitlist until space becomes available. We recommend you explore the following options:

If you purchased your pet from a breeder
your first contact should be to them to see if they will take them back. A responsible breeder will assist you with any issue, or help with re-homing your pet.

Other options include:
Advertise in newspaper, online, or with local bulletins. Be responsible, ensure your pet is spayed/neutered prior to re-homing, and screen potential families thoroughly.

Should AARCS be in a position to accept your pet, a Care Contribution Fee between $50 to $100 may be required.

This fee helps us cover the costs of medical treatment, spay/neuter, and housing for your pet.

To inquire about transferring guardianship of a pet to AARCS, please submit a request below.