Adoption Update: Mini Milo's Magnificent Mansion

Hamsters are often mistaken as easy, low-maintenance pets because of their miniscule size. However, these pint-sized rodents require more thought and care than you might expect! With the right habitat, nutrition, and interaction, hamsters can lead enriching and happy lives. A recent AARCS adopter, Abigail, has created an exemplary lifestyle for her dwarf hamster Milo (formerly known as AARCS Ellie)!

The Perfect Habitat

A hamster’s habitat is crucial to their well-being. Hamsters are active animals and need a large habitat to stay happy and enriched. A large aquarium with a wire mesh lid works well as it provides a secure environment that can be filled with burrowing materials, like aspen wood shavings or shredded paper. Avoid cedar or pine shavings as these can cause health problems!

Milo’s home, created in a large storage tote, is a prime example of a great hamster habitat! He has access to items like a small house, sand bath, stump and a solid exercise wheel. These items and more are great to keep hamsters stimulated, and should be swapped out regularly to keep the environment new and exciting. Lucky little Milo also has a playpen to keep things interesting! Milo receives plenty of chewable items, like cardboard and wooden toys, to help wear down his ever-growing front teeth.
Milo is a big fan of his sand bath and often spends his evenings grooming himself. He also enjoys running on his wheel. Abigail attached an odometer to his wheel and discovered that Milo ran an impressive 1.8 km in a single night!

Nutritional Needs

Hamsters are omnivores and require a complete nutritional diet. Milo’s diet consists of high-quality pellets supplemented with a small amount of fresh seeds, nuts, fruits, and vegetables as treats. His all-time favorite treat is sunflower seeds! Initially, Milo tried to refuse his pelleted food to get more sunflower seeds, but he has since developed a taste for his balanced diet. He also gets dried herbs and flowers scattered into his bedding, which he loves to forage for!

Social and Behavioral Enrichment

Milo thrives on interaction with his human caregivers. Over time, he has become friendlier, taking food from Abigail’s hands and even accepting pets and being picked up – although he may occasionally mistake human fingers for food!

Milo loves to show off! Once he figured out how to drink from a water bottle, he would demonstrate this new skill for anyone watching. Same thing when he figured out how to start burrowing – he would always pop his head out of the fluff to make sure he still had a captive audience! He’s like a small child with light up shoes on his wheel, always sure to showcase how fast he can go.

To further enrich Milo’s life, his adopter bought him a playpen and a wooden hamster playground! He enjoys spending time in his playpen a few times a week, opting for a run on his wheel on his off nights. Providing a variety of activities and spaces to explore keeps Milo engaged and happy.

Striving for Milo’s Lifestyle

Milo’s story illustrates the rewarding experience of properly caring for a hamster. By providing a spacious and stimulating habitat, a balanced diet, and regular interaction, Milo’s adoptive family has created an enriching life for him, meeting his physical, social and emotional needs. Every hamster deserves the same level of care and attention! We hope this story inspires you to strive for a lifestyle as fulfilling as Milo’s for your furry friend.

Here’s to happy hamstering!