We have been awarded a generous gift courtesy of Tito’s Handmade Vodka, known as the Vodka for Dog People, to aid our valuable community programs that keep pets in their loving homes. With Tito’s support, we can lend a hand to those in need. Below is an impact story worth sharing to highlight the importance of our support programs. 💚

 Working as a Special Needs Educator, and animal lover, I have had many pets in my classroom over the years and bunnies have always been on my list of interest.  Then, in June of 2023, I came across a Kijiji ad from a lady that was desperate to rehome two 8 week old, male, bonded bunnies. She mentioned she was leaving town and needed them gone by morning, I was very afraid that they would be left free to fend for themselves so I drove across town and picked them up. 


About a month after having the bunnies I noticed the bunnies mating a lot. Not sure if this was just two brothers establishing hierarchy or not, I brought them to the vet to have a check up. Turned out that my two “male” bunnies were in fact a boy and a girl. The vet informed me that she would be shocked if there was not a litter on the way. 


I left the vet and sat in my car, I was completely overwhelmed. What had I gotten myself into?  There was no way that I could house a litter of bunnies, nor afford to provide them with the surgical operations they would need to prevent future litters. I had to find them a new home before this little girl gave birth. I spent the next week constantly on the phone. I reached out to every animal store, rescue society, and shelter for hundreds of kilometers desperate for any options for support and found that it was next to impossible to surrender these little bunnies as all shelters and sanctuaries are functioning over capacity. There simply is no room in the shelters with the level of need in and around our city.

They offered the financial support required to get the bunnies in for the surgical operations required to prevent future litters. Though it turned out that the female was not pregnant, it would have only been a matter of time before she was. If not for AARCS, I do not know what I would have done. With no room at the shelters, and without the budget to spay and neuter the rabbits, I was truly feeling helpless and overwhelmed.

It has now been six months since I rescued these two sweethearts from Kijiji, and they have become a wonderful addition to my home and will hopefully one day be members of my classroom family. If not for AARCS, I am not sure what their destiny would have been, what I do know is that the people that I worked with through AARCS (specifically Amy), exude the most wonderful compassion and empathy for these vulnerable animals. They work tirelessly every day to advocate, care for, and protect these animals and my heart is so full of gratitude.


Bunny and Bun Bun send their love and thanks.”


— J.

The goal of Love, Tito’s is simple: to turn spirits into love and goodness. Make the world a better place — in whatever way moves you; find your passion, and get involved. With the help of our nonprofit friends and family, Love, Tito’s can continue to give back in more impactful ways, and keep spreading the love more and more.

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Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society – AARCS