Thanks to Petsmart Charities of Canada, Access to Care grant in the amount of $70,000, AARCS was able to continue to provide no-cost spay/neuter services for First Nation Communities in Alberta in 2022. We thought the best way to describe the impact was through the eyes of a volunteer.

“The AARCS SNAP program is my favourite! I love helping animals but thoroughly enjoy when I can participate in not only helping them but the people who love them dearly.

I’ve been so fortunate to meet so many kind, caring, and compassionate people through my outreach work with the SNAP program. It brings me so much joy to bring them home once they have been spayed/neutered, vaccinated and tattooed for long-term identification! I’ve met many people I continue to have relationships with and consider much like family. They not only appreciate the help but do so much to help so many animals in need in their own communities.

I recently met the kindest gentleman who was seeking help with two pregnant females and some puppies who found safety, comfort and a consistent meal at his residence. Though he has his own to care for, he stated to me,

“I cannot let them suffer or starve so I feed them and they end up moving in. Though I love them all, I sadly cannot afford to feed all these animals and want them to have the home they deserve.”

He recognizes the importance of spay/neuter for many reasons, including curbing pet-overpopulation, roaming and the risk of packs and dog fights which can escalate quickly and end very poorly. Although he had already fixed his first female dog prior to meeting me, AARCS was able to assist him with spay/neuter/vetting for his other animals which has created an important connection within the community to help other animals in need.

He not only enjoys the companionship of his dogs, but you can truly see the bond they have formed. They also serve as his protectors by ensuring he’s alerted and safe from strangers or “threats” coming onto his property.

Not only do I get to see the positive impact of this program, I am fortunate to bring my niece Raya along with me on some of my outreach runs. This important program has taught her empathy and compassion towards both animals and people.”


Chelsea Ann Mackenzie

AARCS Volunteer