So you adopted a new puppy and want to make its first debut on the gram. Or maybe you just brought home your first foster cat and need to snap some new pictures for their profile. 


Pet photography can be tricky, especially if you have a squirmy puppy or kitty that just won’t sit still.

Here are 5 steps to snapping that purrfect shot!

STEP ONE: Find good lighting. If you can, get outside and embrace the natural lighting the sun provides. If not, choosing to shoot by a window with some soft lighting.


STEP TWO: Know your pet. The better you know your pet the easier it will be to grab their attention. What’s their favourite treat or squeaky toy? Keep those on hand because you will need them! 

STEP THREE: Get down on their level. Angles are everything when shooting pet photography. If you can, fire up those legs and get down in a deep squat, or down on your knees or belly. This angle shows how your pet sees the world! 

STEP FOUR: Get ridiculous! Make weird noises! And I mean, the WiErDeR the BETTER! If you’re trying to capture photos of your dog, and don’t have a squeaky toy on hand, use your voice instead. Whining, whimpering, and snorting can help reel in their attention! For cats try using bells, ruffling a bag, wands, or make a psst psst noise to the best of your ability. Trust that it works! 

STEP FIVE: Be patient. You might not get that perfect shot on the first try and that’s okay! Animals can get excitable during a mini photoshoot, but if you’re patient enough they will relax eventually. That’s when the magic happens and you can capture those cute close ups. 

With these tips and tricks you’ll be an expert in capturing your pet or foster in no time. Don’t forget to tag us @aarcs and #aarcs if you snap a photo of your AARCS alumni or foster as WE LOVE TO SEE THEM!

Andrea Kozak

Andrea Kozak

Social Engagement Coordinator

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