Shauna Alcock, AARCS Behaviour Coordinator 

Going back to the office? Heading back to school? Our Behaviour Team is here to provide you with some tips and tricks on how to prepare your dog. Albertans are heading back to the office in the next couple of weeks and our pets are being left home for extended periods of time. 
AARCS wants to help reduce the anxiety for both you and your pet by providing some helpful tips and tricks.

TIP #1: Mental Stimulation – Kong Stuffing.

1. Prepare your stuffed kong the night before.

2. First add some dry kibble – You can soak it if you would like so it is a little wet as well.

3. Afterward, add in your wet food.

4. Top it up with something TASTY! Depending on their dietary requirements.

5. Stick it in the freezer and it will be all ready to go for tomorrow!

TIP #2: Physical Activity – Exercise before school or work.

1. Go for a walk around the neighborhood.

2. A quick ball toss in the backyard.

3. Climb some rocks.

4. Go for a run and get your workout done as well! #WIN

5. CAUTION: while filming your happy pup they might try to get your camera.

TIP #3: Crate Training – Setting your dog up for success..

1. Objects to use for a more positive experience; Kongs, Treat Dispensing Toys, Kong Wobbler, Chew Sticks and Safe Dental Chews.

2. PRACTICE! Open up all doors, so it’s not so scary. Throw some tasty treats in to let them know going in the crate is a GOOD THING! Use positive reinforcement. Keep doors open for now so they do not feel trapped. REMINDER: use an appropriate size crate for your dog. Ensure it’s not too small.

3. Once comfortable practice closing the doors of the crate. Remember to continue to use lots of tasty treats and positive reinforcement.

4. Crates are a little less scary with some practice and tasty treats!


Thank you kindly for reading, I hope this was helpful and informative!

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