AARCS is a proud founding member of The Animal Welfare Coalition of Alberta (AWC).

What is the Animal Welfare Coalition of Alberta?

The Animal Welfare Coalition of Alberta (AWC) is a group of animal welfare organizations working together to facilitate collaboration and leadership in our industry, promote responsible pet guardianships and to help address animal welfare to key community stakeholders and government.

Why was the AWC Established?

The care and adoption of companion animals is not regulated in Alberta or anywhere across Canada.

  • Provide confidence and legitimacy for the public in our members for adoption, donations, partnerships, etc.
  • Members agree to minimum standards and code of conduct.
  • Provides a foundation for which we can work towards common goals.

What are the goals of AWC?

  • Provide Standards for Membership for animal welfare agencies in Alberta.
  • Provide strategic direction and leadership to the animal welfare community.
  • Promote responsible pet guardianship.
  • Work together to address animal welfare in Alberta.
  • Educate members, governments and the public on topics related to animal welfare, governance and best practices.
  • Promote a responsible and professional industry.
  • Collaborate on special projects.
  • Share excess resources, assist each other when possible for intake/adoption, and lean on each other for knowledge and growth.

One of the key pillars of this Coalition is our Standards for Membership. All members have agreed to meet or exceed 26 standards for animal care, adoption transparency, management of volunteers and staff, and governance. The Standards for Membership and a Code of Conduct have been signed off by a legal signing authority for the organization. Members of the public who are interested in adopting an animal, rehoming an animal or making a donation can be assured that our members meet these minimum standards.

Who can Join AWC?

As AWC is newly formed, we understand there are a lot of organizations out there doing great work in Alberta. We invite those organizations to join us who are animal welfare organizations operating in Alberta, assisting with companion animals, who agree to adhere to the Standards of Membership and Code of Conduct.


  • Open to non-profit animal welfare charities in Alberta
  • Free to join 
  • Limited time commitment 
  • Plans to increase our membership or develop associate membership criteria in coming year to include agencies working with animal welfare sector

Who are the members of AWC?

  • Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS)
  • Animal Haven Rescue League
  • Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF)
  • Bear Valley Rescue
  • Camrose & Area Animal Shelter
  • Canadian Animal Task Force
  • Central Alberta Humane Society
  • Cleo’s Karma Canine Rescue
  • Cochrane & Area Humane Society
  • Companion Animal Welfare Society (CAWS)
  • Edmonton Humane Society
  • Four Feet Companion Foundation
  • Greater Edmonton Animal Rescue Society (GEARS)
  • Humane Animal Rescue Team (HART)
  • MEOW Foundation
  • Nanton Animal Protection Society
  • Pause4Change
  • Pawsitive Match Rescue Foundation
  • Pit Bulls for Life Foundation
  • Prairie Pets
  • Rescue Friends Animal Foundation
  • Saving Grace Animal Society
  • Second Chance Animal Rescue Society (SCARS)

We are confident that, together, we will raise the level of care for animals across our province. If you would like any additional information about the Coalition, please visit www.awcab.ca or reach out to us directly at [email protected].

Deanna Thompson

Deanna Thompson

AWC Lead

Executive Director, AARCS