Kittens are a bundle of joy that can enrich your lives in many different ways! You want to know what’s better than having one kitten? How about two! Here are some reasons why you should consider adoption two kittens instead of one!


01. Kitten Enrichment: For a kitten, the ability to have a playtime companion is an important form of enrichment that is integral to the kitten’s development. Also, having a companion to engage with is very beneficial for kittens if their guardian is away for long hours at a time during the day. You might think that two kittens would cause more trouble, but ultimately they would keep each other entertained and occupied, and they wouldn’t be as dependent on you for mental and physical stimulation. Remember that kittens might express their playfulness in ways or at times that are not appropriate in your home (breaking things, waking you up at night, etc.); having a distraction in the form of another feline friend could certainly provide some relief! Not to mention the fact that if your kittens are tiring themselves out with each other, they’ll be more likely to be snuggly and calm with you!

02. Kitten Socialization: Kittens who don’t have the opportunity to “learn their manners” from their siblings might try to roughhouse with their human companions (nipping, scratching, etc.), and although this may be cute when they are kittens, this will become undesirable behaviour when they are older. Kittens benefit from having another kitten in the home with them so that they can learn how far to push boundaries, which means they will have fewer behavioural issues. Your kittens will ultimately train each other, and as a result they will develop a stronger sense of security and stability!

03. It Isn’t Necessarily More Work: While you may need a bit more cat food and a slightly larger budget for vet care, kittens can share toys, cat trees, and scratching posts. In fact, it might be even more work to adopt one single kitten, as they will require more direct attention from you without a kitten playmate to entertain themselves with.

04. Long-term Considerations: If you know you will ultimately want a second cat in the future, consider the fact that if you adopt two kittens right away, they will already be friends! You won’t have to worry about introducing a new cat into your household, something that even when successful can be a long and difficult process depending on the temperament and age of the resident cat. Even if you already have an adult cat, adopting two kittens instead of one could ultimately be in the best interest of the adult cat; two kittens would grow together and keep each other company without causing stress to the older cat!

05. Health Implications: According to the VCA, almost 60% of domestic cats are overweight – obesity is the most common (and most importantly, the most preventable) health concern in cats! Having two kittens who grow up together could help reduce the chance of a cat developing obesity since they will be playing together and chasing each other! 

06. Getting Another Cat Off the Streets: If you adopt two kittens, you’re saving two lives and ultimately making more space in the shelter for another animal in need. It also prevents kittens from spending the most formative period of their lives in a shelter. 

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