You know them as the Scarborough sweethearts.  Well now they have found their furrever home where there are lots of snuggles, cuddling, and movie nights with their favorite guinea treats.  However, with the weather being as lovely as it is these days, outdoor adventures are a daily occurrence.  With an outdoor play pen and their human pals to keep them company, these two piggies are living the sweet life.

There are some changes made.  These little ladies had their names upgraded thanks to the wonderful imagination of their special adopters.  Now they are called Sage Bringer of Darkness and Rosemary Star Destroyer.  Those names for our girls with their sassy personalities suits them to a tea.

Suffice to say that these little girls are getting lots of love from the whole family.  In fact, thanks to this family, after adopting these two precious little gems, the adopter has made a special request for her birthday coming up.  She has asked her friends for donations to be sent to AARCS.  So thanks to her and her family matching these donations, they managed to raise $150.00.  Her mother tells us that AARCS has changed this remarkable little lady’s worldview.

We are very grateful to this family and many others who find it in their hearts to donate to us whether it is money or supplies.  If their hearts are even bigger to help these wonderful creatures get loving homes then that is the tops.  Our greatest hope is that these animals find the love that they so rightfully deserve.  If you and your family can help us out the way this family has, drop us a line.  We want to hear from you.

Erika Ravnsborg

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