Remi, formerly known as Jazz, has adjusted to her new home very quickly. She absolutely loves car rides and going on walks (she’s great on her leash too!). She’s become fast friends with her adopter’s parents’ dog and they have the best time together, fighting over one toy despite the fact that they almost have two of every other toy. Despite the fact she’s still just a puppy, she knows not to chew shoes, furniture, or anything else she’s not supposed to chew, but she makes quick work of her toys!

She is also apparently a pretty big foodie, so her adopter is working with her to get her to eat her food more slowly using a slow feeder and a treat ball. Overall, she’s just a happy, silly girl, and she has found the perfect home that will help her grow from an amazing puppy to an amazing dog!

“I can’t thank you guys enough for giving me the opportunity to adopt her. She’s changed my life already!!”

Ioana Busuioc

Ioana Busuioc

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