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Change To Our Adoption Fees Effective January 2015

Currently, AARCS has some of the lowest adoption fees amongst our peers. With the rising costs of medical for our animals that we have seen in 2014, we are adjusting our adoption fees effective January 1, 2015 to reflect these increased costs.

New prices will be as follows:

Dog 6 months and younger $400.00
Dog 6 months and older $300.00
Senior dog (10yr+) $100.00

Kitten $175.00
Pair of Kittens $300.00
Adult Cat $125.00
Senior Cat $60.00

There was a huge hole in our hearts when we lost our last dog to cancer over the summer…so as the saying goes, it was really her who rescued us!  Thank you AARCS for all you do and for giving us the chance to bring Krystal into our hearts and our home!

Krystal’s Furever Family

My heartfelt thank you to all of the volunteers that are involved on a daily basis with any of the rescue associations that we have here in Alberta, thank you.  Without you guys doing what you do, we wouldn’t have her. Rescue is the way to go!

Brizzy’s Furever Home

People are always asking what kind of dog he is, to which I proudly say “He’s a Rescue!”.  Thank you AARCS for bringing this beautiful boy home to us.

White Sox’s Furever Family

I have you at Aarcs to thank for everything. Thank you for seeing the potential in a broken, sick, struggling dog.  Keep up the good work. What you do is important. It is making a difference and it looks like love.

Raini’s Furever Family