You are online at an animal adoption website.  Lo and behold, there is a profile of a beautiful sweet creature that you have immediately fallen in love with.  When you first checked out the website you were not sure of what you were going to do.  But seeing that cute lovely face, you are sure that you want to bring this creature into your life.  You email the one who is in charge straight away.

So, you made the decision to adopt a pet.  Good for you!  That is a wonderful thing you can do for both yourself and for the adorable animal in question.  However, there are things you must know and tasks you must do in order to make sure that this transition is a smooth one.  Not just for you but for the new plus one in your life.  Here are somethings to keep in mind when introducing your new furrever friend to your home.

New Environments are Stressful:  Your pet whether it is a dog, cat, or critter is moving into a new and unfamiliar environment.  This is stressful for them and their anxiety will show itself in several different ways.  Behaviors like pacing, scratching, or even crying in their own way can be seen.  Sometimes it can be a little destructive like scratching at the furniture but fear not.  With kindness and a peaceful quiet environment, the transition will be so much easier.  It takes a couple of days for any pet to get used to their new home.  Just be patient.

Introducing Two Pets:  If you have another pet in the house, you will have to introduce them eventually.  Before you do that, let the new pet roam around for a few hours just to get a sense of their new environment.  In the meantime, keep the other pet in a separate room while the new pet gets to know the home.  When both pets are calm, it is time for a one-on-one introduction.  Let them meet in an uncluttered, open area and let them sniff, walk around each other, and otherwise get to know each other.  If things turn stressful, separate them and try again later.  It takes time for a relationship between pets to build.

Allowing Your Pet to Get to Know You:  Just like with other pets, your newest pet needs to get to know you too.  If you want them to trust, and love you, you have got to spend some one-on-one time with them.  We all know that relationships take work in order to flourish, it is no different between human and animals.  So, make the time, bond with your pet, and let nature take its course.

Animal-Proof Your Home:  If you have a lot of expensive or valuable items around, make sure you keep them out of reach from your pets.  For example; if you have a new dog and some expensive shoes that sit on the ground you will want to make sure these shoes are placed high in a closet so that the dog can’t get at them.  Animals don’t know how much things cost nor do they have any idea of the sentimental value of things.  Redirection, proper placement, and maybe avoidance altogether will keep your items safe from the teeth, claws, and possible urination of your new family member.

Toys to Release Mental and Physical Energy:  As apart of the redirection process, get your pet some toys that they can chew on, bat around, and otherwise destroy completely if they so choose.  Just like people, animals need mental and physical releases for their energy.  Getting your pet something that they can play with will not only save your most precious treasures but relieve some of that tension that makes them a little wild.

Begin Some Training:  Your new furrever friend needs to know what the boundaries are in place at your home.  In order for them to get used to your rules and what they can do, you are the one that has to teach them.  Training is not a bad thing at all, in fact, it can be an enjoyable way for both owner and animal to bond.  You work together with both communication and engagement.  The reward for training your animal is a huge one.  This will allow the relationship to blossom between the two of you.

With these tips in mind, you and your new pet will have a long and beautiful friendship.  It’s true that animals love you in a way that humans don’t but just as in any relationship, it takes both of you to make it work.  Remember that you fell in love with your pet for a reason.  Trust, that in time, your newest animal will settle in and when that is accomplished; you will have something wonderful to come home to.
Erika Ravnsborg

Erika Ravnsborg

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