Pets are a wonderful addition to a person’s life.  We here at the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS) take great pride in helping animals and humans come together.  Whether it’s a dog, cat, horse, critter, or fish, they enrich our lives by giving us friendship, love, dependability, and a feeling of safety.  In return we must give them food, shelter, and the same love that they give us.


If you are a pet owner, you’ll notice that just like humans, pets are affected by the weather and the temperature that comes along with it.  Grooming is essential when it comes to your pet and their exposure to the outside elements.  So, make sure your pet has access to water and shade when it is super hot out there.  If your pet has long hair, make sure that it is appropriately trimmed during these hot summer months.  When it comes to the winter time; the longer, thicker fur on your pet the better it is for them.  This is because their fur acts as an insulating coat and keeps their natural body heat in. Our team are happy to help you out if you have any questions on how to properly groom your pet and what you can do to keep them comfortable when it comes to our ever-changing seasons.


Animals have a unique perception when it comes to the changing of weather.  They can sense the changes of air pressure and temperature.  When the pressure of the air decreases that often means that there is a storm brewing.  If you see that your pet is behaving in an unusual manner or making a lot of noise, then a wise idea would be to look to the sky and check the weather.  This way you can act accordingly.

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Sometimes, what starts as an ordinary storm can turn into something chaotic.  A thunderstorm turns into a tornado, a lightning strike into a forest fire, or a rainstorm into a flood.  We have all seen in the past how this can happen and it takes us all completely by surprise.  Luckily AARCS and the Canadian Animal Task Force (CATF) combined together to create the Alberta Animal Disaster Response (AADR) to assist all animals and their owners when a natural disaster strikes.

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Together, AARCS and CATF have responded to several events which have saved many lives over the years.  One of the most famous cases are the 2013 floods that hit Calgary and its surrounding areas.  When these flash floods hit, our volunteers bravely and determinedly spurred into action.  We dove into freezing waters to save any and all animals we could but that is not all.  We brought food, blankets, and water for humans and animals alike, organized foster homes that received about 150 animals, set up operating stations in various locations, and assisted in evacuating the danger zones.  A lot of devastation happened that no one was prepared for but we also learned something valuable.  We learned that disaster can strike at any time so it is important to be ready for it.

We want to do what is best for not just people but their pets as well.  An answer is needed for natural emergencies whether you are two or four-legged.  We all must work together.  Animals have an amazing sense of what is going to happen in concern with the weather before we do. Pay attention to them!  If the storm turns into something stronger make sure to be equipped for it.  If you don’t know what to do, you can always contact AARCS.  We are always happy to help and give you some much needed tips.

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