By Deanna Thompson, Executive Director 

Breed Specific Legislation has come up recently in Calgary as our city looks to update animal bylaws. I wanted to share AARCS’s stance on the topic of BSL. At AARCS, we believe in responsible pet guardianship and laws that focus on the behaviour of each individual dog and owner. We want society to ensure protection for animals, a safe community and an educated public, whether you share your home with a pet or not.

Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) punishes dogs for their appearance, while science tells us that aggression is caused by many different factors such as backyard breeding, abuse, lack of socialization, inappropriate training or lack of training, genetics, etc. What we do know is that ANY dog, regardless of breed can be dangerous.

As an organization, we see every breed and mix of breeds who could be considered a ‘pitbull’ and we know they are some of the best! 

We created this awesome video of a few of the MANY bully breeds in the extended AARCS family. You might see one that looks like your dog; you may never have thought he/she could be in danger of being discriminated against!


We’ve seen BSL come and go all over Canada. 

It doesn’t work. 

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