Many people ask what they can do to make the world a better place.  Where is a good place to start?  I’d say a great way to begin would be to foster homeless pets. Now what is fostering?  Fostering is temporally providing shelter for those in need.  In AARCS case, this is animals.  You probably got that thanks to our full technical name (Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society).  But in order for us to do good, it takes the help of a big-hearted community of people like you.


So other than helping in the shelter, here is why you should consider fostering animals:

To love and be loved:  Foster animals learn after some traumatic events that they are loved and wanted.  You give them a good taste of that even if it is just a short time.  To watch animals, go from frightened, nervous creatures to happy, trusting pets is a truly miraculous experience to be apart of.  You also get the recognition from them that you are their first love.  Just know that you make a difference and these animals know it.

Fosters are more likely to be adopted:  People who adopt animals often wonder what they are like in a domestic environment.  You will have that invaluable insight and this way you can show prospective pet owners how the animals will behave in their home.  It’s also just good for the pets to be able to stretch their four legs and get climatized to what it is like living with humans.  A lot of stress is relieved from the animals as well.  With this added freedom and more relaxed state, animals are more appealing to a pet owner.

It helps you heal:  If a tragedy has hit you or your family at some point, adding an animal to your family can help you to heal from it.  Animals have an emotional intelligence that baffles even the most scientific minds.  They can sense when sadness, loneliness, and depression is in an environment.  They give comfort, companionship, and love that can break this horrible cycle.  A sense of calm is given along with a regular schedule and physical activity.  With all of this and a little time, you will feel lighter because of it. 

Learn New Skills:  A foster pet can help us learn new skills.  You can learn things that you thought you never could before.  Such as cooking, baking, or making clothes but also how to care for others, keep our spaces clean, and keep a budget on hand. When we have an animal to care for we get to learn some important life lessons.  You can also teach your pets how to do some new tricks and skills which is good for their brains as well as yours.  Who knew that you could be an animal trainer and a teacher?

To see if you are ready to adopt:  Some people don’t know if they are ready to take on a new pet especially if they had recently lost one recently.  A temporary house guest like these little guys can help decide if you are ready again.  Or, if you have never had a pet before and don’t know if you can handle the responsibilities that comes with it, then this is a good way to test yourself.  One way or another you gain some experience, and new knowledge.  When you are ready for adoption, you will do so with confidence.

Everything is provided:  The good people of AARCS are prepared to set you up with everything you need.  When you don’t have something or don’t know what you need, just ask.  We will help you out.  If something happens during the animal’s stay in your home, we have vets here at AARCS that can treat whatever is ailing your new friend.  It won’t cost you anything and you can keep these pets ready for adoption.


You Save Lives:  Every single shelter will say this and it is very true. Because you do this, you are allowing the shelter to bring in more animals that need help.   Let’s face it, you feel good for doing this, your temporary pet is happier, healthier, and socialized.  So when you look at the big picture, this is a huge win for those life-savers out there.

When you foster, you bring in a homeless animal into your home and give them the love and care that all creatures on this earth need. To provide a temporary, safe and loving environment for one of these sweet creatures is providing you and your family with an enjoyable and rewarding experience.  You can teach others the importance of kindness, and second chances which is very valuable in all parts of life. Take a chance, open your heart, and save a life today.  Contact us and we will show you how.

Erika Ravnsborg

Erika Ravnsborg

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