Phil was a bundle of energy that came to AARCS as a puppy.  Now with his new family, he is named Whiskey (perfect name for him).  This peppy little guy is motivated by treats and his training was a breeze because of that fact.  Since his first day he has become the best well-behaved dog that a family could have and has seamlessly transitioned into the family with no fuss.  He loves training and has learned so much.  Whiskey loves to take long walks and play fetch with his family.

He is also a very smart dog with the help of his enrichment toys and shuffle mat to keep his mind stimulated.  Whiskey has learned lots of new tricks like how to sit, stay, lay down, paw, spin, heel, and place.  After losing all of his baby teeth, Whiskey has learned to not bite random objects but, on his toys.  He forgets not to bite things now and then when he is too excited but mostly, he sticks to what his training has taught him.

From day one, he has fit in with this family right from the start thanks partly to him being crate trained. It looks like our playful pup has found his furrever home.  He’s brought nothing but love and joy to his new owners.

Erika Ravnsborg

Erika Ravnsborg

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