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October 20, 2023

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About Willow

“Helloooooo! It’s me, Willooooooow! I was living in the NWT, but got into a tussle with a vehicle, and lost my front leg. I took a plane, and then a car, and then somehow I was in Calgary! Not to worry, it’s made me a tripawd (tri-PAW’d, I only have three paws, get it?!) and I get along just fine.

I’ve adjusted pretty quickly, and have no troubles getting around both inside and outside, including going up and down stairs by myself. I might still need help getting into a car if it’s really high, but I get into foster mom’s small car on my own, and get onto the couch and hooman bed by myself (it’s not always graceful, but I manage!) I can get around on hardwood floors no problem, and I am even faster on carpet! I’ve been running outside in the yard or down the sidewalk on a leash when I get the zoomies, which is pretty fun!

There are a few things to know about tripods- foster mom says I might not be a great running or biking buddy, a good dog bed with padding is probably a good idea, and I shouldn’t eat too much or it’ll be hard to get around- easy stuff like that!

Otherwise, I’m a pretty typical puppy! I love playing (though I’m still getting the hang of the weird game where you throw my toy away…. why do you do that? I chase it, but don’t always bring it back) and am working on all those things I need to know to live inside with a family. I also love snuggles and cuddle time on the couch.

My foster mom says little kiddos and kitties might not be the best fit… apparently you’re not supposed to chase them and try to play?! I’ve met a few puppers so far, and I do best with dogs that can go slow and let me warm up in getting to know them. I might need a few meetings but I think I’d enjoy a friend to play with! I do best when fed alone- I’m still learning that there’s always lots of food, and I don’t need to protect my food fiercely like I used to.

I know the crate is a nice safe space to sleep…. I do well at night with the crate in my foster family’s room, and during the day if I’m left alone I might make a little noise to start, but settle quickly and chill or nap until my hoomans get home.

I’m working on learning “manners” but sometimes get so excited that I forget, and jump up or put your hand in my mouth. I learned sit, touch and up quickly, and am excited to learn more things! I’ll do almost anything for a treat! I go outside to do my business, and will stand at the back door when I need to go out.

Fun fact- I like to sing along when my foster mom plays her “viola”, whatever that is. I think we sound great together! I’ve travelled a long ways to find my forever home! Is it with you?” – xo, Willow

Good with Cats?


Good with Dogs?

Needs dogs that can go slow and let her lead; will need slow introductions, may need more than one meeting

Good with Kids?

Only tested with Kids Over 8 Years

Do I Need Special Care?

Yes, Medical Special Needs - Front leg amputation

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