Hi! My name is

Eldis & Caj



Domestic Medium Hair


Date of Birth
February 16, 2022

Located In
Calgary + Area, AB

About Eldis & Caj

Eldis (femaie, black, medium hair)  & Caj (male, black/white, short hair) – Bonded Pair

Moderately shy

Meet Eldis and Caj! These two super sweethearts came to their foster home a few months ago needing help with their confidence and socialization and they have made remarkable progress during their stay.

They hang with you, no longer hiding.  They hang out on their perch, on the coffee table right beside you, on the back rest of the couch, will cuddle up by your feet on the couch, and cozy up on the floor beside the couch as you lie there. They engage you with their favorite string toys.  Caj is so funny—he likes going airborne to catch it rather than being on the ground chasing it like his sister Eldis.

They come into the kitchen to watch you while you are prepping their meal and Caj is always rubbing up against your leg in anticipation of the meal.  They are lying there waiting for you to open the bedroom door in the morning. It’s funny watching them chase and wrestle each other and so cute to see them grooming each other constantly.

Their photos show these two in their comfort zones – cuddling with each other or lounging in the room with you. Though petting, stroking or cuddling are still ‘works in progress’, they LOVE lickable and Temptation treats and will accept some head scratches or a gentle body rub while enjoying the treats.

If having such wonderful company in your home is your goal, then these two sweethearts are the tickets! Apply today!

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Only tested with each other

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Not tested with dogs

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