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Chihuahua, Long Coat/Mix


Date of Birth
January 10, 2018

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About Blaze

Meet Blaze, the spirited Chihuahua with a fiery personality and a heart full of love!

Despite his small stature, Blaze possesses a larger-than-life attitude that’s sure to charm you. But behind his bold exterior lies a tender heart. Blaze may have a heart murmur, but it doesn’t slow him down one bit. In fact, it only adds to his resilient spirit, reminding us all to cherish each moment and live life to the fullest.

Blaze thrives in a home where he can be the center of attention. While he may not be the best fit for a household with other pets, he could potentially coexist with a calm, small dog companion who shares his zest for life. Blaze likes to sing of the songs of his people so he would do best in a single detached house so that he doesn’t serenade your neighbours.

If you’re searching for a pint-sized cuddle bug to light up your life, look no further than Blaze. With his spicy attitude and charismatic affection, he’s sure to bring warmth and happiness to any home lucky enough to welcome him in.

Come meet Blaze today and discover the endless love and laughter he has to offer!

Good with Cats?


Good with Dogs?

No dogs or just 1 other small dog

Good with Kids?

May be ok with kids 10+

Do I Need Special Care?

Yes, Medical Special Needs - Blaze has a Grade 5 heart murmur and is currently on Pimobendan twice a day

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