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Terrier, Pit Bull/Mix


Date of Birth
September 26, 2021

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About Blue

Meet Blue, a charming and affectionate canine companion who is eagerly searching for his perfect forever home! This sweet and sizable boy is sure to steal your heart with his playful nature and love for the great outdoors.

Blue thrives on activity and adores engaging in spirited play sessions, making him the ideal partner for anyone who enjoys an active lifestyle. Whether it’s a game of fetch, a leisurely stroll, or exploring a fenced yard, Blue is always ready for an adventure. One of Blue’s favourite pastimes is basking in the warm embrace of the sun, reveling in its comforting rays. He’s a big fan of playing with his beloved stuffed toys, they are fun to run around with in his mouth!

When it comes to human interaction, Blue is a true cuddle enthusiast. He delights in coming inside for some quality snuggle time and eagerly presents his belly for those cherished belly rubs. His affectionate nature is bound to create countless heartwarming moments for his future family. Blue is not just a charmer; he’s also a quick learner. Already mastering the command to “sit,” Blue is ready to take on more training adventures, especially when tasty treats are involved. His eagerness to please makes him an ideal candidate for additional positive reinforcement training.

Occasionally, Blue’s exuberance gets the best of him, and he may forget just how big and strong he is. With a bit of guidance and positive reinforcement, he’s sure to refine his manners and become the perfect gentleman. Blue isn’t always the biggest fan of his canine friends, preferring to be the only four-legged friend in the home. He would thrive in a loving environment with older children, who can appreciate his size and strength.

If you’re looking for a devoted and playful companion who loves the great outdoors and cuddle time equally, Blue might just be the perfect match for your family.

Adopt Blue today and embark on a lifetime of joy, laughter, and unforgettable moments with this lovable canine companion.

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Not tested with Cats

Good with Dogs?

Dog Selective - Should be only Dog in Home & No Off Leash Parks

Good with Kids?

Kids 14+ Due to Size & Strength

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