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Alaskan Husky/Mix


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July 28, 2020

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About Rocko

Introducing Rocko, a captivating fellow with a heart as big as his paws!

This furry four-legged friend is on the lookout for a forever home where he can share his affectionate nature. With his charming personality and playful demeanor, Rocko is sure to bring joy and laughter to anyone lucky enough to welcome him into their life.

Rocko’s goofiness is one of his most endearing qualities. He’s the kind of dog that turns every moment into an adventure, and his joy is absolutely contagious. He also loves to sing – when he is happy and playful, he will serenade you; a reflection of his love for you! He knows the art of relaxation as well. After a day of play, or spending time chewing his favorite chew toy, he relishes his downtime, finding the coziest spot to curl up for a well-deserved nap.

Rocko’s ideal home would be one where he can shine as the sole dog. While he’s a true people-lover, his preference for undivided attention makes him the perfect candidate for a household where he’s the furry center of affection. He thrives in the company of humans and is particularly good with them. Although he can get a bit excitable at times, his motivation for treats will make training a breeze. He’s already mastered commands like “sit” and “shake,” showcasing his cleverness and eagerness to learn. When it comes to leash walks, Rocko is a dream. As he is a big guy, a harness is the best companion for his walks, ensuring both comfort and control – for you and him!

Are you ready to invite Rocko, the lovable Malamute goofball, into your life? If you’re seeking a loyal companion who brings excitement and affection in equal measure, look no further. Rocko is eagerly waiting to embark on new adventures and share his heartwarming presence with a loving home. Get ready to discover the joy of having Rocko as your forever friend.

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