North Haven is now OPEN! We are so excited to formally open our doors in Edmonton! Although it is now official, we have already provided a temporary safe space for over hundreds of animals since December. With the renovation and construction complete, we have welcomed many adoptable animals in the shelter who will be posted on our North Haven Adoptable Animals page. 


North Haven is now OPEN! We are so excited to formally open our doors in Edmonton! Although it is now official, we have already provided a temporary safe space for over hundreds of animals since December. With the renovation and construction complete, we have welcomed many adoptable animals in the shelter who will be posted on our North Haven Adoptable Animals page.


AARCS has a proven track record of performance, fiscal responsibility, and growth management. This has helped us save over 22,000 animal lives since our inception in 2006. AARCS provides the highest level of animal care, including medical management, and has developed industry-leading adoption programs. As a member of Humane Canada and a leader in animal welfare in Alberta, AARCS uses its collaborative relationships to work towards ending animal homelessness throughout our province. In conjunction with our rescue efforts, we offer spay and neuter community initiatives and humane education programs to tackle the root of the problem.  When tragedy strikes in our province, our animal disaster response capabilities allow us to quickly deploy teams where help is most needed.


We encourage you to come to our shelter during our public walk-in hours if you are interested in adopting or apply online. Email us at [email protected] if you have any questions.



12PM 7PM


 11AM 6PM

Thank you!

AARCS North Haven is located at:
8108 Coronet Rd NW, EDMONTON, AB T6E 4P1

24/7 Donation Bin Located East Side of Building

The Power To Change Lives

Temporary Housing

AARCS North Haven can be used as temporary housing for newly rescued animals, until foster space becomes available.

Emergency Shelter

North Haven provides an emergency shelter for animals rescued from severe situations.

Quarantine Shelter

This well-equipped, hygienic facility is designed for the appropriate quarantine required by rescued animals when they first arrive into AARCS care.

Adoption Centre

North Haven has an on-site adoption centre for cats and small animals (such as rabbits and guinea pigs), helping homeless animals find loving homes each year. 

Donation Centre

Donations can be dropped off Monday through Sunday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, or the bins on the East side of the building after hours

Northern Operations Centre

North Haven also operates as a shared office space, and storage facility. It’s here that we provide space for training, volunteer meetings, and educational seminars.

we can save lives

These are some of the homeless and abandoned animals AARCS supports every day. These sad stories are our reality and the reason why we need your support. It is unacceptable for any animal to suffer. This is why AARCS exists and we will not stand by or turn our backs on those animals. We are here to end animal suffering and help foster a compassionate world for all.

Monetary Donations

Running an animal shelter not only requires a lot of time and dedication, but monetary donations are always needed to help pay for things such as maintenance costs, rent and utilities, along with veterinary expenses for the many animals that will pass through our doors.

As a registered charity, AARCS will issue tax receipts for donations valued at $20 or more.
No gift is too small, 100% of your donation goes toward helping us do more to rescue animals in need.
Typical donations can cover:

Cover the cost of two bags of cat litter, or two fleece blankets for puppies

$25 Donation

Cover the cost of a bag of food for a dog or a cat

$50 Donation

Cover the cost of Spay/neuter and vaccinate for one dog

$250 Donation

Cover the cost of a humane dog trap often required to capture scared, injured, or feral animals

$500 Donation

Cover the cost a rescue and subsequent adoption of a litter of puppies

$1,000 Donation

Cover rent and utilities at AARCS North Haven, keeping our doors open for one month longer

$2,000 Donation

Donate Towards North Haven



E-Mail Transfer (EMT) Donations can be sent to [email protected] marked for NORTH HAVEN.

*If you’d like a tax receipt, you must include your Full Name / Mailing Address / Email Address in the message.

To get more information on how you can help through gift-in-kind donations, sponsorship opportunities or more please email [email protected].


AARCS is dedicated to honouring Indigenous history and culture and committed to working together in the spirit of friendship, cultivating authentic and respectful relationships with all First Nations.

We acknowledge that AARCS North Haven is located on the Treaty 6 territory, a traditional gathering place, travelling route and home for many Indigenous People such as the Nehiyaw (Cree), Denesuliné (Dene), Nakota Sioux (Stoney), Anishinaabe (Saulteaux) and Niitsitapi (Blackfoot). We acknowledge all the many First Nations, Métis, and Inuit whose footsteps have marked these lands for centuries.

North Haven Shelter NEEDS

Our Most needed items

01. Clean Towels

02. Cat Gastro Canned

03. Canned Cat Food

04. Kongs/Interactive Toys for Dogs and Cats

05. Bully Sticks or Other Long-Lasting Chews (no raw hide!)

Amazon Wish List

You can purchase our needed essentials for AARCS directly from our North Haven Amazon Wish List!


• Canadian Tire • Costco • IKEA • Lowes • Rona



The following donors have generously donated $100 or more to our Open Doors Campaign. Their inscriptions will be engraved on a permanent Donation Wall at North Haven. We thank you for your generosity and support!

Donors A-B

  • A Brenna Chalifoux
  • A Friend
  • A. Buckingham
  • Aimee Churchill
  • AARCS Alumni “Cooper” Conrad
  • All Mechanical Services Inc.
  • Allison Prill
  • Amanda Frost
  • Andrea Costelloe
  • Ann Buckingham
  • Alison Burk
  • Aliza & Emily Thompson
  • Anjie Robinson
  • Anna & Bob Thompson
  • Anne & Caleb Kellett
  • Ashley Galloway
  • Ava Whiteside
  • Bailey
  • BBB—Ashley, Courtney, Debbie, Kristi, Kaylie Fa & Jamey
  • Barb Langford-Fries
  • Barb & Mike Skeels
  • Bianca Dang
  • Billy Goodwin
  • Blonde Ambition Apparel & Designs
  • Bonnie Guglich
  • Bonita Birollo
  • Brad Anderson
  • Brenda Antosz
  • Brenda Berger
  • Brenda Biddell
  • Brenda Stojanowski
  • Brenna and Chelsey Perreault
  • Brian & Sue Gervais
  • Brian & Debbie Goodfellow
  • Brieanna Bridgman
  • Brigitte Wilson
  • Brooks Arbury
  • Bruce & Deborah Lacerte

Donors C-E

  • Candace Enns
  • Candice McMillan
  • Carol Campbell
  • Chris Baldwin
  • Chris Gerdts
  • Christine Fowler
  • Cierra Lake Melton Yohemas
  • Claire Amyotte
  • Clara Yagos
  • Claudia Juarez
  • Cody Craig
  • Copyhackers
  • Craig Wilson
  • Crissi Oliver
  • Cynthia Anderson
  • D. Colwell
  • Daisy & Zoey
  • Dana Rettaler
  • Daniel Pavelick
  • Darlene Sheldon
  • Dave Morehouse
  • David Hochman
  • Dawn Chiasson
  • Dawn Horn
  • Dean Smith
  • Deanna Thompson & Jay Jokisch
  • Deanne Pattison
  • Declan & Carson Tellier
  • Debby & Peter Herold
  • Denise M. Organ
  • Denyss Lazar
  • Diane Ellerbeck
  • Don & Mary-Ellen Aldred
  • Don & Sharon Cameron
  • Donna Stadnyk
  • Eileen Easton
  • Ellen & Rebecca
  • Ellen Simone
  • Emily Hardy
  • Eric & Sandra Brown
  • Eric S. Margolis Family Foundation
  • Erin Callaghan

Donors F-I

  • Feckla Spaulding
  • Fergus, Squirt and Sage the wonder puppies
  • Fionn MacCool’s Cross Iron Mills
  • Finnigan & Reilly
  • Fitzpatrick
  • Gene, Roxanna and our foster WIN, Zoey
  • Gerry & Paul de Vries
  • Glacier Raft Company
  • Glynis Jackson
  • Gracy
  • Greg Kelly
  • Halyna Saciuk
  • Heather Abraham
  • Heather Molyneaux
  • Heidi Krake
  • Holly Elke
  • Ian & Beth Melligan
  • Ike & Tilly (AARCS Alumni)
  • In Honour of Boris Hudson
  • In Honour of Nanuk & Ginger
  • In Memory of Boots
  • In Memory of Cooper
  • In Memory of Duane Steeves
  • In Memory of Helen Currie
  • In Memory of Logan
  • In Memory of My Beloved Pippa
  • In Memory of Thumbs Peterson
  • In Loving Memory of Nanuk Schuler
  • In Loving Memory of Susan McCulloch
  • Isabelle Turner

Donors J-K

  • Jacqueline Reinsch
  • James Wong
  • Jamey & Gregory Blair
  • Jamie Grant
  • Jane Miller
  • Jazz and Whiskey Byers
  • Jenn Genest
  • Jennifer Gurnett
  • Jennifer & Jake
  • Jill Tomlinson
  • Jim Boccioletti
  • JJ Millard
  • Jodi James
  • Jodi & Richie Yanciw
  • Jon Huyer & Karen Booth
  • John Paterson
  • John & Jeane Browne
  • John & Sharon Haley
  • Johnny & Frankie O
  • Johnny Or, Frankie Or
  • Joseph and Janice Brown
  • Joy Corcuera
  • Judy Curry
  • Judy & Mike Fiselier
  • Judy Michiel
  • Judy Taylor
  • Kaitlin Oxby
  • Kaitlyn & James Green
  • Karina Spencer
  • Kathie Strong
  • Kathleen Leonard
  • Kathleen McFarland
  • Kathleen Ogle
  • Kathryn Aleong
  • Kathy Armstrong
  • Kathy Sim
  • Keapa Kaufman
  • Kellie Johnston & Denny Kwan
  • Kelsey’s Parents
  • Kelsey’s Sister
  • Kerri and Gary Davis
  • Kevin, Linda, Hannah Buckry
  • Kiara and Siobhan
  • Kim Miske
  • Kim & Dale Mendryk Family
  • Kim & Doug Miske
  • Kit Tran
  • Kristen Wishlow, in loving memory of my boy Vin Diesel

Donors L-M

  • Lance Meyers
  • Laraine Mumford
  • Laura Stott
  • Laureen G. Zaretski
  • Laurie Milne
  • Laverne Hill
  • Leanne & Hope
  • Lee-Anne Tomkins
  • LeeAnn Turnbull
  • Lee & Jane Hutchings
  • Leita & Roger Schmidt
  • Leslie MacLeod
  • Libby Alger
  • Lillian Dykau
  • Linda & Brian Minault
  • Linda MacDonald
  • Lindsay
  • Lisa Corbett
  • Lisa Makinson
  • Lon Marsh
  • Lorelei & Jamie
  • Lori McLachlin-Randall
  • Lori Shupak
  • Louie
  • Lovely
  • Lucky, Lexie & Joey Green
  • M. McCaig
  • Mandy England
  • Margaret Moores
  • Maria Byrne
  • Maria Blawat and Edward Blawat
  • Maria Carolina
  • Maria Khromaya
  • Mariel Schoneveld
  • Marilee Jardine
  • Mark Ball
  • Mary Handwerker
  • Mary Mitchell
  • Matthew Jones
  • Maura Hamill
  • Maureen Warmington
  • Mawer Investment Management
  • Max Bentley
  • Meagan Orchin
  • Meagan, Adam and Charlie MacDonald
  • Meaghan Groves
  • Megan Kendell
  • Meghan Sturm
  • Meghan & Michael Hassall
  • Meighan Vickers
  • Melanie Boccaccio & Dave
  • Melanie Gesy
  • Melanie Ringuette
  • Mia Carreiro
  • Michelle Uytterhagen (In Memory of Chance)
  • Mini Cooper Scoular
  • Mirella Taiariol
  • Monique Cote
  • Morozoff Family
  • Mulder’s Mechanical

Donors N-R

  • Nancy Sanborn
  • Nancy Purdy
  • Natalie’s Pack
  • Ned L’Archeveque
  • Ned & Ruby
  • Nicolas Coppel
  • Nicole Doyle
  • Nicole & Gary Janke
  • Niki Vlooswyk
  • Nikki and Jay Knopp
  • NikkiZee
  • Nomi Whalen
  • Norman Lewis
  • O’Brien
  • Oliver Wharton-Sperle
  • Onanole RV Park & Campground
  • Pam Shultz
  • Pat Walker
  • Patricia Elrose & Furbabies
  • Patricia Peckham
  • Patrick & Brittany Welsh
  • Patti Doody
  • Peggy Muz
  • Penny Bruce
  • Peter & Jackie Morgan
  • PetSmart Charities
  • Pichu Varela
  • Rachel Attwood
  • Rambo Randhawa
  • Randy & Sharon Senft
  • Ray Clermont
  • Reesa Wagner
  • Rescue Dog
  • Richard Labbe
  • Rod & Lisa Hinks
  • Roddick Glen
  • Ron Wu
  • Rosemarie Gerspacher
  • Roxana & Henry Lee

Donors S-Z

  • Sachi
  • Sam Kelley
  • Samantha deVries & Jake McInnis
  • Sarah Blinzer
  • Schledt Family
  • Selena Cole and Candace Farrer
  • Shahriar & Parisa
  • Shauna & Wes Campbell
  • Sheila & Janet Kully
  • Sheila Kerr
  • Sheila Forbes
  • Shelly Clarke
  • Shelley-Ann McDonald
  • Shona Wells
  • Sim Family
  • Start The Wave
  • Steinhubl Family
  • Stephanie Miller
  • Stephen Hyde
  • Steve
  • Steve & Doreen Bosse
  • Steve Mark Howells
  • Sue Hutch
  • Susan Demuray
  • Susan Linke
  • Susan McCullough
  • Susan Tumback
  • T and J Araujo
  • Tammy McCorkell
  • Tanis Dunn
  • Tanya & Peter Sept. 5, 2020
  • Tari Kelly
  • Tera Yates
  • Teresa Chan
  • Terri Nielsen & Family
  • Terry G. Flint-Wirth & Ulrich Wirth
  • The Balbi Family
  • The Carrieres
  • The Eric S. Margolis Foundation
  • The Great Catsby
  • The Leduc Family
  • The Lehman Family
  • The McFrostricks
  • The Pollocks
  • The Rieder Family
  • The Sofocleous Family
  • Thor, Jack & Anna, Gone But Loved Forever
  • Tia Esber
  • Tiffany Stones
  • Tom Dooley and Lowry
  • Trigger, Enzo and Diego
  • Troy, Carlee & Parker Sawyer
  • Troy Henderson
  • Tula Dewald
  • Unbridled Souls
  • Vanessa Laine
  • Vanessa Salopek
  • Victoria Desbiens
  • Wendy E. Saunders
  • Wes & Karen Elliott
  • Westside Endodontics
  • Wilfong-Pritchard Family
  • Willy Boozan
  • Youngmee Kim
  • Zephyr the Cat
  • Zeus Cordeiro

Service / Material Providers

  • Krawford Construction
  • Spalding Safe Secure Doorways
  • Garage Frontiers
  • Hyatt Investments
  • TNT Construction Services Ltd.
  • DKMZ Integration Systems Inc.
  • Alberta Laundry Systems

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