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Domestic Short Hair


Date of Birth
May 3, 2021

Located In
Calgary + Area, AB

About Prespa

Meow there! I’m Prespa, a one-of-a-kind chatterbox who’s all about cuddles and conversation. My days are filled with carrying my toy mouse around to prompt a playful session of fetch or sipping a cup of water by my foster mom’s plants.

I’m not shy about letting you know how much I missed you after you’ve been away – my meows will make sure of that! While I’m not keen on other furry friends, I’m very sweet and cuddly with humans. I adore being a nosy neighbour, peering out the window to watch the world go by. Give me a comfy spot and plenty of affection, and I’ll be your devoted companion, always ready for a good belly rub and a bit of wet food yum-yum!

Oh, and I’m quite tidy too – I know how to use my litter box like a pro, though I prefer one with high walls to contain my enthusiastic digging. I can’t wait to be your best friend! xo Prespa

Notes from foster:  Since coming into our care, Prespa has shown a preference for being the only cat in the household, displaying anxiety and aggression towards our other cat without provocation. However, she is a delightful, affectionate companion—playful, cuddly, and eager for attention from humans.

While Prespa does experience some separation anxiety when we leave for work, she expresses this through vocalization rather than destructive behaviour. She is incredibly sociable and confident around people, often seeking out cuddles and revelling in being the centre of attention, especially when guests are around.

Prespa consistently uses the litter box without incident, though she can become a bit enthusiastic while digging, occasionally causing litter to spill over. Transitioning to a litter box with higher walls has effectively mitigated this issue. The litter needs to be kept tidy.

Prespa’s endearing personality and her ability to thrive in a loving environment make her a wonderful addition to any home willing to provide her with the attention and care she craves.

Prespa: Your purr-fect companion for cuddles, conversation, and a little bit of friskiness! Apply today!

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