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Australian Cattle Dog/Mix


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April 12, 2022

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About Ted

“Hi! I’m Ted. I am an Australian cattle dog mix and I am still pretty much an adolescent, so I am a self starter and I have a lot of energy. I seem to have lost my birth certificate but I am told that I’m about two years old.

I was a bit nervous when my foster family came to the shelter to take me home and I sometimes cowered when I heard loud noises or there were sudden movements. However, it didn’t take me long to start to make myself at home and my foster parents say I’m a sweet, affectionate dog whose signature move is to cuddle up to you and stick my nose in your ear as I’m licking you. Right from the start I was pretty much able to sleep through the night, right on my foster parents’ bed, and without stirring too much and disturbing their sleep.

I am even very patient and polite while waiting for my meals. I am house trained and I know where I need to wait to be let outside but because I am pretty quiet you might not even realize I need to go outside to do my business. If you are asleep at night and I need to go outside, I might try to let you know I need to go outside by nudging you with my cold, wet nose.

I have never met a cat, but I have met many other dogs both larger and smaller. I have gotten along with almost all of them and I love to wrestle and play if they’re interested.

I am really good at inventing my own forms of entertainment, like throwing a ball up in the air using my mouth and then catching it; or pushing a ball with my front paws and chasing it; or wrestling with a stuffed toy.

I really, really like to go for brisk walks. My leash skills still could use a bit of work because it’s almost always go, go, go and I do pull a bit. However, if you like burning a few calories I can help you do that. Also, if you like a good game of fetch using a tennis ball then I’m your man. I can play that game just about as long as you’d like.

I guess what I’m saying is that if you have a sufficiently active lifestyle that allows me to expend my energy and indulge my curiosity, I’m meant for you.

Although I am really quite gentle and loving by nature, I can get excited and forget my manners. I will need some guidance in learning not to jump up at you, grab at my leash or mouth your fingers when I get extra zoomies, and resist the urge to counter surf.

But I am a smart cookie and if you are a breed savvy owner who can help me productively expend my energy and provide the right environment to thrive I know your adoption of me will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship and I will be a happy camper.

I would do well in a home that has a fenced back yard with space for play and enrichment activities. I know I could get along very well with another energetic dog as my playmate. I would do better with older children only because I might accidentally nip little fingers when I am playing and I get excited.

I don’t really like to spend time alone in my kennel when my foster parents are out. The experts at AARCS say that there are ways to help me get used to being kenneled. If you need me to do this, they can coach you.

I feel like I’m ready to embark on the next chapter of my life, surrounded by the warmth and joy of a loving forever family and I will thrive knowing I’m safe and secure.” – xo, Ted

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