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Australian Cattle Dog/Mix


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December 8, 2023

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About Cadabra

Introducing Cadabra, a magical pup ready to cast his spell on your heart with his adorable puppy face and captivating charm!

This enchanting canine may start off a bit shy, but that’s just his way of adjusting to new surroundings and faces. With a little time and patience, Cadabra is sure to blossom into the perfect companion. He’s grown to adore the 2 year old in his foster home and is not a jumper.

Like any young pup, Cadabra brims with endless energy and enthusiasm. Guiding him through these typical puppy behaviours from the outset is crucial to his development into a well-behaved adult dog. Through consistent training and positive reinforcement, Cadabra can learn to channel his exuberance in appropriate ways, thereby curbing any unwanted jumping or mouthing tendencies as he grows.

Potty training is another area where Cadabra could use some assistance from his new family. With gentle guidance and a consistent routine, he’ll quickly catch on and become a pro at using his designated area. Being a medium to large breed, Cadabra is sure to be an active boy, eager to explore the world around him. Therefore, an active family who enjoys outdoor adventures and plenty of playtime would be the perfect match for him.

With lots of love, play, and enrichment, Cadabra is sure to thrive and bring endless joy to his forever home. He’s proven good with cats, dogs, horses, and cattle and would be a great dog for either in town or a ranch/acreage/farm

If you’re ready to add a touch of magic to your life, consider welcoming Cadabra into your heart and home! With his enchanting demeanour and irresistible charm, he’s sure to make every day feel like a magical adventure!

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