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German Shepherd/Mix


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August 29, 2023

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About Emeris

“Hi, my name is Emeris and I want to tell you what a wonderful pup I am! I am really sweet and so beautiful.” – xo, Emeris 

Emeris is a truly beautiful pup, inside and out. He is very friendly but still a little timid when meeting new people. He loves to play outside with our resident dog. He is a pretty calm guy until it’s playtime, then look out! Emeris loves to be pet and will follow you around if it thinks he is getting treats. I think he will be very easy to train as he is food motivated and very smart.

He has come a very long way since we started fostering him and really come out of his shell. He does still have some tendencies to be shy and may take some time when he goes to his forever home but I assure you the effort you make will be so rewarding. He listens well to positive reinforcement and would do well with another dog to learn from.

He is friendly with every dog and person we have introduced him too. Leash walking is going okay, but requires gentle coaxing to get him out the door with a leash on. Once is is outside though he walks quite well.  Since he is still a pup he does love to chew and is pretty good just chewing his toys and bones but if left with any kind of stringy cloth or garbage bag he is definitely on it quickly, so watch he doesn’t get those!

He does have a tendency to hoard his toys and the resident dog’s toys as well but has no problem when the resident dog decides he wants it back. He let’s him take it no problem. We haven’t really kenneled Emeris since it was so hard to get him out when we first got him.

His kennel is open and he goes in when he wants but mostly lies on the floor beside us. He doesn’t jump on furniture or people for the most part. He is fully house trained and can hold it all night. He truly is remarkable. I should mention he has no problem with our resident cats.

Emeris would do very well with a family that loves to be outside and can spend some real quality time with him. I can’t stress enough how wonderful Emeris is!

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