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Siberian Husky Mixed


Date of Birth
January 19, 2023

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About Shilo

Introducing Shilo, the independent and charming husky on the lookout for a special home with someone experienced in the quirks and wonders of husky companionship. Shilo may come with some husky-specific traits, but those who are familiar and love the breed will find a unique and lovable friend in him.

This handsome husky has a voice of his own and isn’t afraid to use it. Get ready to enjoy the symphony as Shilo sings the song of his people, a delightful husky characteristic that adds charm and character to his personality. While Shilo may take a little time to warm up to new faces and environments, patience is rewarded as he transforms into a social butterfly. Once he trusts you, he’s all about forging connections and enjoying the company of his favourite people.

Being an active guy, Shilo is on the lookout for a home with a fenced yard and an energetic family who appreciates outdoor adventures. Despite his lively nature, Shilo thrives in a calm and quiet environment, where he can truly be himself and showcase his charming personality. Smart as a whip, Shilo has already mastered some commands. He’s fluent in “sit,” and “paw,” showcasing his intelligence and eagerness to learn. While he’s got the basics down, Shilo could use a little help refining his doggy manners. Soft mouthing and exuberant jumps can be part of his excitement, and with some guidance, he’ll become the polished and well-behaved companion he aspires to be. In Shilo, you’ll find a loyal and spirited friend who’s just waiting for the right match. If you have husky experience and appreciate the unique qualities of this breed, Shilo is ready to embark on a positive and joyful journey with you. Open your heart and home to this magnificent husky, and let the adventure begin!

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Not tested with Cats

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Can be Dog selective. Slow introductions required.

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