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Terrier, American Pit Bull/Mix


Date of Birth
December 23, 2023

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About Marley

Marley is an adorable 3 month old pitty cross with beautiful markings and the cutest floppy ears! He likes nothing better than a good chew toy, and a cuddle when he is done playing.

Marley loves to play in the yard and when he’s done, he snuggles right in his little dog bed for a good snooze or lives a good cuddle. Marley is happiest by your side. He is a typical puppy who likes to explore the world with his mouth, but is easily re-directed with a toy, or treat.

He is a quiet boy. He doesn’t bark if someone comes to the door or passes by on the street. Marley’s neighbors have a dog too, and Marley doesn’t even bark back when their dog is excited!  He is well on his way to mastering house training and sleeps entirely through the night most nights.

He will let you know when he needs to go outside. He is still a baby so sometimes his itty bitty puppy bladder fails him. You just have to make sure to put him outside after a big night of sleep or a meal , and only very rarely has accidents in the house.

He is so smart and is doing really well with sit, laydown and leave it. He is going to make his new family very very happy!!”

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