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Domestic Short Hair


Date of Birth
December 15, 2022

Located In
Calgary + Area, AB

About Aerowen

Name: Aerowen 

Age: Approximately 1 year, but who’s counting when there are so many naps to take?

Breed: A mix of mischief and mayhem with a hint of absurdity

Appearance: A riot of whiskers, with split colors on his face giving him extra mystery. Aerowen is known for a perpetually unimpressed expression with his big gold eyes.

Special Skills:

  1. **Acrobatic Antics:** Aerowen can perform impressive mid-air twists and flips, especially when attempting to catch a feather or a laser dot.
  2. **Master of the Box Fort:** Proficient in constructing and conquering box forts of all shapes and sizes. Cardboard chaos is Aerowen’s specialty.
  3. **Stretch Aero-Strong:** Aerowen possesses an uncanny ability to stretch himself twice his normal length it seems when it comes to reaching a sunny window for lounging.

Personality Traits:

  1. **Whisker Wiggle Enthusiast:** Aerowen’s wiggling whiskers are a clear indicator of excitement or mischief afoot. The bigger the wiggle, the sillier the cat!
  2. **Mischief Maestro:** Always the prankster, Aerowen takes delight in knocking things off shelves, hiding in unexpected places, and playing hide-and-seek.
  3. **Cuddly Clown:** Despite the silliness, Aerowen is a cuddle expert. The more bizarre the cuddle position, the better.

Favorite Pastimes:

  1. **Cuddle Mania**. Demanding multiple cuddles a day both with his hoomans and his fluffy head foster sibling and a daily belly rub will be a requirement. 
  2. **Feather Fandango:** Engaging in epic battles with feather wands, sometimes incorporating dramatic slow-motion pounces for added flair.
  3. **Window Sill Stand-Up:** Providing daily stand-up comedy routines for birds and passersby from the comfort of the window sill.

Aerowen aka Aerowen McFluffington is a bundle of joy, silliness, and surprise, adding a touch of whimsy to every corner of the household. Apply today!

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