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Domestic Short Hair


Date of Birth
October 26, 2016

Located In
Calgary + Area, AB

About Khons

Slightly timid

Meet Khons! He came to our foster family shy, skinny and scared and he has blossomed into an active, adventurous, talkative snuggle bug.  He has transformed from an extremely shy cat who would rather be invisible to one that plays with toys, runs around the house exploring and stealing food when we are not looking, chats with the family and has never met a lap that he does not like. Khons loves men and if you have a beard, he will snuggle into it as soon as you sit or lay down.

Khons is a loving older gentleman who has plenty of life left in him to run, jump, play, watching birds through the windows and keep you warm with cuddles.  Kohns has no issues with our 2 large cat savvy dogs, 2 cats, fish tank and 2 teen girls. However, he would prefer a quieter, less hectic, and peaceful flow to his daily life where he does not have to share the love and head scratches. 

Khons loves to snuggle and be close to humans, especially men and he has no personal boundaries so get ready to have a bathroom buddy. He has a playful side liking small stuffed toys over loud flashy ones and balls or springs are his favourite. He has a great appetite and has gained back the weight he needed but has decided that he loves food and will be happy to help during dinner time. He will come up and give you the sad kitty eyes until you share with him. This has led us to call him Goose (Marvel cat) as he has not met a food he will not try! Khons loves to chat and will meet you at the door with a detailed report of his day. He works better than any alarm clock, but his timer is set to food time!

While we are at work/school, he spends his days in the cat tree or a warm sunny spot that has a window to look out. He has the occasional boxing match with his favourite toys. As soon as we come home, Khons is out telling us all that he did and saw during the day while sharing your afternoon snack.  In the evenings, he roams the house looking for a lap to snuggle into and hands to provide head and chin scratches. When we crawl into bed, he greets us by sitting on our pillow and butting us with his head until we pet him and then he will plop right down and purr all night long. 

Khons is the best mixture of kitten and old man energy. He is well behaved, always using his litter box, eats like a proper gentleman, does not spill or play in his water, and accepts his nail trims with out fuss even though it is not his favourite. Yet, he has the energy of a kitten to play, explore, climb, jump and zoom around the house but knows when to sit and chill. 

Khons is the perfect combination of lounge lizard and playful kitten who is looking for their best friend(s) to create memories, share snuggles and enjoy life with. Apply today! 

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