Hi! My name is




Domestic Short Hair


Date of Birth
October 26, 2016

Located In
Calgary + Area, AB

About Khons

Extremely shy

If you are looking for the quiet listener who loves to snuggle and give head butts, then look no further… Khons is your soul mate. Khons is terribly shy and would rather be invisible until he starts to trust you and feels more confident in his surroundings. He is a tall, leggy man who prefers a quiet, slow and peaceful flow to his daily life. He is not a huge fan of a busy, fast and louder household as he is a very cautious cat and always makes sure all is good before doing anything. Khons is starting to show his wonderful personality but it tends to come out at night when the household is winding down and quieter. He loves to be petted on the head and chin, snuggling close and telling you about his day when you are trying to watch TV.  

We have 2 large breed dogs, 2 cats, 10 fish and 2 teen girls, all of which he is good with but he is leery as he not sure what they are going to do.  Our dogs do not chase and they leave Khons alone and he gives them their space. He is happy to share space with our cats but never too close. He likes to socialize with the other animals but on his terms. He is not comfortable with being the leader of the pack so he would not do well with another shy or timid cat. Khons is not yet a huge play monster and leaves when our young one tries to play with him but he is starting to play with toys by himself (a stuffed mouse is his favourite). As for the fish, he loves to sit and watch the tank and at times tries to smack them through the glass. 

Khons has shown how cuddly and loving he is by pestering us in our bed with head butts until we give him ear and chin scratches. He loves to be close and touch you once he trusts you. He can be found on our pillows at night after his adventures around the house. 

He is a bit underweight but is starting to gain it back slowly and steadily. Khons likes his wet food more than his dry so we mix the two together to give all the nutrition he needs. Due to his weight issues, his tummy can be a little temperamental. Khons is great at using his litter box. 

You may think Khons is shy, quiet and reserved but once he trusts you and his surroundings, he will surprise you and show is chatty, playful and loving side. He wants nothing more than to find a warm a chest or lap to snuggle into and quietly purr while he demands chin and ear scratches from you. Khons is looking to retire and share his time with people and take naps in the warm sun! Apply today!

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