Safe Haven Opportunities 2019 - 2020

For individuals, families or companies looking to contribute in a unique way, sponsorship is the way to go! Your sponsorship includes recognition in unique ways that you can share with family, friends and customers.

There are many benefits to corporate sponsorship, including increased brand awareness, generating new customers, and reinforcing your current customer relationships by creating positive public relations. By sponsoring an AARCS event or program, you help the public create an emotional commitment to your brand, you will receive both onsite and media exposure through AARCS, you will have the satisfaction of being involved in your community and in certain cases, the sponsorship is also tax deductible.


*Tax receipt eligible, renewable annually.

These sponsorships are available for a one-year period and as a thank you for your support, an acknowledgment plaque will be placed on the kennel door that you have sponsored.

Safe Haven Room Sponsorships

  • $1,000 Dog Isolation Room (1 of 1 Available)
  • $1,500 Casa de Meow (1 of 1 Available)
    • Kitty Overflow Space Room
  • ✔ $1,500 Purrington Palace (0 of 1 Available)
    • Cat Isolation Room
  • $2,500 Meow-Town Room (1 of 1 Available)
    • Free Roaming Cat Room
  • ✔ $3,000 Feline Frat House (0 of 1 Available)
    • Barn Buddy Room
  • $2,000 Mews Manor (1 of 1 Available)
    • Cat T-N-R (Trap, Neuter, Return) Room
  • $3,000 Kitty Cat Shaq (1 of 1 Available)
    • Cat Quarantine Room

Veterinary Hospital Sponsorships

  • ✔ $500 Recovery Room (0 of 1 Available)
  • $1,000 Autoclave and Sterilization Room (1 of 1 Available)
  • $2,000 Hospital Isolation Room (1 of 1 Available)
  • $1,000 Dental Suite (1 of 1 Available)
  • $1,000 X-Ray Room (1 of 1 Available)
  • $1,000 Vet Pharmacy (1 of 1 Available)
  • ✔ $1,500 Operating Rooms (1 of 2 Available)


*Tax receipt eligible, renewable annually.

Our kennel sponsorship program is a unique gift that will help our rescue animals while they are staying at the Safe Haven shelter. Sponsorship donations will go towards the care, upkeep, and maintenance of the AARCS Safe Haven and help to offset the cost of food, supplies, repairs, litter, litter boxes, kuranda beds, toys, and much more. Popular for families, individuals and businesses. Many people choose the plaque as a memory for a pet or family member who has passed on.

Kennel sponsorships are available for a one-year period and as a thank you for your support, an acknowledgment plaque will be placed on the kennel door that you have sponsored.

  • $300 Cat Enclosure (47 of 58 Available)
  • $500 Cat Isolation Kennel (3 of 6 Available)
  • $750 Dog Kennel Banks (1 of 2 Available)
  • $1,500 Dog Run Kennel (15 of 24 Available)

Dog Kennel Recognition

Caitlin Van Andel-Ritums

Bryan Dowie & Louise Proulx

Mah Family, In memory of Tony Mah

Charlene Keller & Deanna Schellenberg, In memory of Baxter Keller

Lori Marklund

Dr. Tanja Haley

Flora O’Reilly, In Memory of Storm

Susan Cruess, In memory of Kylie

Wes and Shauna Campbell

National Automotive Glass Products Ltd

Cat Kennel Recognition

Joseph and Janice Brown

Bob and Janet Pritchard

The Sturtevant Family

The Cole Family

Jon & Kori Larsen

Cindy Gravatt

Lisa Makinson & Alan Smith, In Memory of Garth and Leo

Debbie Henwood, In memory of Foley on behalf of Eric and Jamie

Hailey Siedel, In Memory of Tounces on behalf of the Griffiths Family


Whitefox Enterprises, on behalf of Shawna and Jason Miller

TenFoot Henry

Veterinary Hospital Recognition

CarMax Canada

Detailed Drywall

Olds College

Sarah & Ethan Flynn

Event Sponsorship Opportunities

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