We have foster homes throughout the province of Alberta, all we ask is that you are able to travel to Calgary for Vet appointments as they are done in-house through the AARCS Veterinary Hospital.


We have plenty of adult animals currently seeking foster care. Please note that we are seeking individuals or families that are able to commit to fostering for a minimum of 1-3 months. At this time, adult dogs and cats are in desperate need of foster parents to step forward. The majority of our rescued dogs are medium to large mixed breeds. We cannot guarantee their breed or that they are hypoallergenic.

If you’re still interested, please submit an application!


Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS) is built on a network of foster homes.  At any given time AARCS has approximately 600 animals in foster care.  Without volunteer foster families we would not be able to rescue and rehome hundreds of animals each year.

When you foster, you bring in a cat or dog into your home and give him/her the love and care like you would your own pet. You provide a temporary, safe and loving environment for a homeless pet. Fostering provides you and your family with an enjoyable and rewarding experience, teaching all family members the importance of second chances which we think is something very valuable in all aspects of life. By opening your home and heart to a homeless pet YOU will save a life of a homeless pet.

AARCS’ foster program aims to temporarily home animals until they find their forever homes. We often have animals that have never been in homes, and need to learn everything that goes with living in a house and being a loved pet. We require a 3 month commitment to fostering, and that you keep your foster until it is adopted. The foster program is not a foster-to-adopt trial period, but we do of course allow foster homes to adopt their foster animal.

In Calgary

AARCS is currently accepting applications for foster homes for medium/large breed dogs/puppies, cats/kittens and medical or behavioural fosters. We do not currently have a need foster homes for small breed dogs. *Please note: Due to the high volume of email applications, it may take up to a week for a foster home interview**

  • Calgary & Area – Dog Foster Home Application
  • Calgary & Area – Cat Foster Home Application
  • In Edmonton

    We have a need for fosters for all types of dogs: puppies, medical, shy, behavioural, whelping/maternity foster homes. We currently do not have a cat foster program in Edmonton.

  • Edmonton & Area – Dog Foster Home Application
  • Edmonton & Area – Cat Foster Home Application
  • Medical and Behavioural Foster Homes

    We have an URGENT NEED for cat and dog fosters that are able to take in medical or behavioural/shy fosters, whelping/maternity foster homes, and/or that have no children and/or other pets. To be a medical or behavioural foster, we only require basic animal knowledge. We provide you with trainers, vets/AHT’s, and continuous support. This is a great way to learn more about animals and to REALLY help an animal that needs it.


    AARCS pays all reasonable expenses, including but not limited to, all veterinary care and food and when available provide other items such as toys, treats, kennels, etc.  Foster homes provide a safe, loving environment until a suitable adoptive home is found and assists in providing basic training, house-training, and transportation to vet appointments, etc.

    • Top 10 Reasons to Foster

    • More foster homes means more animals rescued and that means more lives saved.
    • You get to show and teach your foster animal what it is to be a happy, loved family pet.
    • It’s FUN!!!
    • You undoubtedly will get attached but when you meet the new family that’s ready to provide a permanent, loving forever-home for the animal you helped rescue through fostering, you will feel more than satisfied to see him move on to his new life.
    • Increased “human interaction” greatly helps foster animals who often come from neglectful or abusive situations… and let’s not forget what “animal interaction” can do for you.
    • Fostering increases the likelihood of adoption and dramatically reduces the chances of an animal being returned.
    • If you already have one or more animals, one more won’t make a difference to you, but it sure will make a difference to the animal who might otherwise not have a second chance at life.
    • Fostering provides a great lesson to your children about compassion, nurturing, and generosity and it’s a wonderful, life-affirming experience for an entire family, a couple, or a single individual.
    • Animals that have endured hardship can really use a loving home, one in which they can get used to living with people again.
    • Animal companionship without a lifetime commitment.
    • Conditions for Fostering

    • Must be 18 years of age or older and all members of the household in agreement;
    • All current animals in the home must be up-to-date on their vaccinations (some exceptions allowed);
    • All current animals in the home must be spayed/neutered, unless reasonable explanation (i.e. medical condition, too young);
    • Must have reliable transportation to bring foster animals to appointments at the vet and/or shelter;
    • Ideally a completely fenced yard for dog foster homes, but we do have exceptions depending on the circumstances and type of dogs;
    • Commitment to the duration of the time the animal is in foster care, anywhere from two weeks to four months+ (dependent on the animal and the time of year); and
      Signed waiver & release.
    Complete a Foster Home Application

    Foster Applications are processed through our Better Impact Volunteer Software. Please create a login and fill out an application to complete the process.

    You can save a life, today!