Assistance Programs

AARCS Dog House Program

AARCS Dog House Program helps provide animals living outside with insulated, durable, year-round shelter.  In 2012, AARCS delivered approximately 70 doghouses to animals without adequate protection from the elements.

Many of the animals helped through our Dog House Program have little or nothing to protect them from harsh weather.  They have nothing to keep them safe and dry during rainstorms, frigid temperatures, howling winds and Alberta’s long winter.  Our doghouses are built so the floor remains dry during even the wettest weather.  They are insulated and are delivered filled with straw and / or wool blankets.

To help AARCS continue their efforts to keep dogs warm and continue the AARCS Dog House Program we need your help.  Please consider making monetary donations, donations of building supplies or by volunteering your time to help build the dog houses.

Surrendering an Animal to AARCS

Surrendering an animal should be the last resort for any pet guardian. Here are some recommendations prior to surrendering your animal to a rescue or humane society.

  • Behavioural issues –get advice from a trainer and have a health exam done by your veterinarian. Many behavioural issues (such as peeing outside the litter box) are often undiagnosed medical issues.
  • Housing – find pet friendly housing can be difficult, but there are options available.
  • Financial – if you are not able to afford medical treatments, spay/neuter or food please consider pet insurance, ask about payment plans or apply for assistance through the following
    • ABVMA Assistance Program
    • Medical Assistance Programs such as Tails of Help or Petcard.
    • Food Bank
    • Meow Foundations SNIP Program
    • City of Calgary No-Cost Spay Neuter

AARCS mandate is to rescue stray and abandoned animals where animal services are limited.  In some circumstances we will accept surrendered animals, but there is no guarantee we will take them and you may be put on a waitlist until space becomes available.

  • If you purchased your pet from a breeder, your first contact should be to them to see if they will take them back. A responsible breeder will assist you with any issue or help with re-homing of your pet.
  • Ask friends or family to help
  • Advertise in newspaper, online, at local stores, but be responsible and ensure your pet is spay or neutered prior to rehoming him/her and screen potential families thoroughly.

Should AARCS be in a position to accept your pet, a surrender fee between $50-$100 is required. This fee helps us cover the costs of medical treatments, spay/neuter and housing and caring for your pet.

To inquire about surrendering a pet to AARCS please email us to request a surrender request form.

Dogs – Dog Surrender Contact

Cats – Cat Surrender Request Form

 How you can help:

  1. Help end the cycle of pet homelessness and prevent an unwanted litter – a donation of $200 will pay for one dog to be spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and de-wormed.  Your donation will prevent the birth of endless numbers of unwanted litters.
  2. Never buy a dog from a pet store, this only promotes irresponsible breeding and often supports puppy mills. Adopt – Don’t Shop! AARCS fully supports the efforts of Albertans Against Puppy Mills to end the sale of live animals in pet stores in Calgary.
  3. Spay/Neuter ALL of your animals and encourage everyone you know to do the same!