AARCS’ Humane Education Program was created to educate today’s youth on issues related to animal care as well as to the behaviour and welfare of animals. At AARCS we believe that the most fundamental way to educate the children of the communities we serve, while building awareness about our mission, is by sharing our knowledge of animals with children of all ages. During our Education Sessions, we also encourage their involvement with AARCS.

Veterinary Student Hours in 2018

Our Goals For Educational Sessions

  • Teaching today’s youth, both in Calgary and surrounding areas, as well as our First Nations communities that we partner with, about animal care and safety. An important aspect to these Educational Sessions focuses on bite prevention, how to better understand animal body language and what that language is telling you.
  • Raising awareness and appreciation for current animal welfare issues along with the enormous effort that goes into animal rescue in our province.
  • Promoting responsible pet guardianship, including the importance of spay/neuter, vaccines, shelter, and exercise.
  • Gaining empathy and creating an environment of acceptance towards animals of all kinds.
  • Promoting awareness of what AARCS does for animal welfare as well as encouraging family involvement within our organization.

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