Be part of this exciting milestone and help AARCS open a shelter in Edmonton for homeless animals!


Three amazing supporters Heather Waddell, the Chartrand Family and the Pritchard Family have come together and pledged to match your donation dollar-for-dollar up to $50,000! We are eternally grateful for their support and confidence in our amazing team who, despite the unpredictable delays of the pandemic, are still working hard to ensure the North Haven project moves ahead and is ready for animals in 2020. This is an unbelievable opportunity for us to raise the funds necessary to build the capacity to help even more animals.

They have CHALLENGED YOU to show your support for the animals, AARCS and the opening of this facility by agreeing to MATCH YOUR DONATION! 

So for every $1 you donate, they will donate $1. Your $50 = $100, $100 = $200, $1000 = $2000!


Raising $50,000 can be daunting, so we thought we’d have some fun while we work towards this lofty goal through our North Haven Opening Doors Campaign! In order to unlock each door below, we need to raise just $5,000 – 10 times! When we reach each $5,000 increment, the door will open and reveal a surprise video or story and a prize!  Ever wanted to see a day in the life of a Shelter Veterinarian or bottle-fed bunnies? Now is your chance!


You will be entered to win a “Door Prize,” which will be drawn from the names of all the people who have donated towards that specific door opening. Stay tuned and contribute to each door as we reach the targets and you will be entered each time, increasing your chances to WIN! (minimum $10 donation to be entered in the giveaway). Prizes include AARCS swag, gift certificates and much more from the sponsors listed at the bottom of this page.

We couldn’t do this important work without your generous support. We are not government funded and every dollar you contribute will go towards providing a safe place for homeless animals to lay their heads — a place where many will,  for the first time, feel the gentle hand of someone who cares and where they will have fresh water and nutritious food to fill their empty stomachs. In addition, individual donations of $100 or more are eligible for recognition on our donor wall to be displayed in the new North Haven.

DOOR #01

DOOR #02

DOOR #03

DOOR #04

DOOR #05

DOOR #06

DOOR #07

DOOR #08

DOOR #09

DOOR #10


[ $5,000 DOOR 01 UNLOCKED! ] 🔓

WINNER of a $30 Hearts Choices gift card is RUTH S.! For that, you’ve UNLEASHED the Tail of PROSECCO the Kitty! 🐱🚪🔑

This affectionate little man came into AARCS recently with a devastating injury. Prosecco had been attacked by a dog which caused a serious break in his front leg. 😔 He’s just 6-months-old…STILL A KITTEN and has already gone through so much trauma! Sometimes life just isn’t fair. 💔 Although our precious little Prosecco has been so brave through it all we decided the best course of action was to move forward with an amputation surgery, instead of repairing the leg. Our once four-legged-feline is learning how to be a tripawd as well as get back to his typical kitten-self! That is, after some much-needed love and affection of course! 😊 

We’re happy to report Prosecco is now doing really great, minus a few hairballs mixed with bits of toys! Ooops! 😬 Although he is still adjusting to life as a three-legged-kitty, we have no doubts that he will be back to his important kitten tasks such as chasing string, zooming around and attacking shoes. Until then, Prosecco continues to be an affectionate, lovable soul that has won over all our hearts. 💖

Prosecco is just one of the thousands of animals AARCS assists each year. 🐶🐱 You can help us expand our reach by helping us OPEN DOORS at AARCS North Haven in Edmonton! 📍

If you want to be entered to WIN again, be sure to DONATE MEOW for the next round of giveaways!

[ $10,000 DOOR 02 UNLOCKED! ] 🔓

WINNER of a $125 gift card to Tony Roma’s Steakhouse Restaurant is Cathy M.! For that, you’ve UNLEASHED the Tail of Baby Bunnies SWEET PEA and RHUBARB! 🐰🐰🚪🔑

SO MUCH CUTENESS IN TWO SMALL PACKAGES! They are beyond EAR-resistible! 🐰

AARCS just rescued four incredibly cute bunnies. Abandoned, young and scared, these bun-buns were in dire need of our help. 💔  It is not very often that AARCS rescues bunnies but when they have nowhere else to go, we open our doors. 🚪

Meet SWEET PEA and RHUBARB, two of the rescued bunnies. 🐰🐰  These kits are VERY young but have already been through SO MUCH. One of our veterinary clinic staff has taken them home to monitor their recovery and give them lots of love and care. 💗  SWEET PEA is the bunny being syringe fed. This wee little babe is JUST 3-weeks-old! Unfortunately she sustained an eye injury resulting in multiple corneal ulcers. 😔  The good news is she’s in VERY good hands and we are doing everything we can to save her eye. 🤞 The other brave baby bunny, RHUBARB, is being monitored and treated for severe malnourishment. 💔  These little honey bunnies have completely won our hearts as they continue their road to recovery and happy lives. 💖

Fur-tunately the other two bunnies, Poptart and Shreddies, were healthy and are now in loving foster homes! 🏠  Soon they will be available for ad-HOP-tion so keep an eye out for them at 💗

SWEET PEA, RHUBARB, POPTART and SHREDDIES are just four of the thousands of animals AARCS assists each year. 🐶🐱🐰  You can help us expand our reach by helping us OPEN DOORS at AARCS North Haven in Edmonton! 📍

If you want to be entered to WIN again, be sure to DONATE MEOW for the next round of giveaways!


GREAT BIG THANKS goes out to our prize sponsors for helping us provide opportunities for homeless animals but also valuable gifts for our kind, dedicated supporters! More prize sponsors coming soon!

Tony Roma's

To get more information on how you can help through gift-in-kind donations, sponsorship opportunities or more please email [email protected].

As a registered charity, AARCS will issue tax receipts for eligible gifts (financial or in-kind) valued at $20 or more.

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