Animals in Care

We would like to introduce our current animals in care. At AARCS we focus on rescuing and caring for the animals that need us most. Some of them are on short-term medical holds and will become available for adoption soon – such as those recovering from an injury, illness or surgery, or even nursing moms, as well as puppies or kittens who are too young to be adopted yet. Some are going through behavioural modification training to become well-adjusted family member/pet. A few of our animals are undergoing long-term care and we are unsure what the prognosis will be for them.

These animals are not ready for adoption at this time

Check back often as our website is updated daily!

Many of these animals’ medical bills exceed thousands of dollars. We can only continue to help animals such as these with your continued support through adopting, fostering, volunteering, and donating. Consider making a donation to assist some of our current patients in care.

Animals in Care with AARCS are not available for adoption at this time. Unfortunately, we are unable to advise on when they will be cleared for adoption so it is best to check back frequently if you are interested in adopting. Once they are cleared they will be moved to the adoptable pages. Please note that applications will NOT be accepted for these animals until they are posted as available on our Adoptable Animals page.

Pending Applications: Although it is rare to see a “pending application” on an animal profile currently posted in the Animals in Care page, there is an exception even though the animal is not cleared for adoption. This exception is for animals who were once cleared for adoption, posted on the Adoptable Animals page, and were accepting applications prior to becoming ill or injured while still under the care of AARCS. In this particular case, the applicant would have the opportunity to choose whether or not they would like to proceed with their application once the animal is cleared for adoption again.