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January 11, 2021

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Some Photos courtesy of Shari Klassen Photography

Hi! My name is Holly! As in Hollywood, because I’m more entertaining than any movie you’ll ever see on the big screen! I do prefer action and adventure scripts seeing as I’m still quite a young cat and I do my own stunts! But I am now starting to enjoy romantic comedy roles as well as I become more trusting and am turning into a snuggler.  I have the goofiest little ways of showing my affection like running up and hugging your ankle then running away or headbutting your face when you’re holding me.  Even the smoochy scenes are okay by me as I love getting kisses on my furry little cheeks.  I also do a bit of musical comedy and I will sing and show you my dance moves at every meal time.  I have the sleekest soft coat, perfect white socks and a cute little black nose that make me look like a superstar as well.

I like to keep myself in shape by spending lots of time running around like a little whirlwind chasing my jingle ball or catnip mouse or literally anything else I can find to play with from frozen peas to dirty socks.  I am particularly fond of stealing pens, pencils and paintbrushes because they spin so well when I bat them around.  My favorite entertainment right now is my cardboard box “house” filled with scrunchy paper and I will entertain myself for an hour throwing my toys in and hunting through the paper for them.  I am still learning how to interact gently, so for now it’s safest to use a wand toy or a laser pointer if you want to play-with- me.

I am an incredibly resilient little cat and maintained my confident sunny outlook and settled into my new accommodations immediately.  I am a fabulous, sociable companion and like keep you company while you are doing your activities. I am also comfortable being on my own but am definitely happy to see you when you get back home and will run to the door to greet you.

I have excellent litter box habits and am clean with my food and water dishes, though I do get quite excited about my small servings of soft food.  I have shown zero interest in climbing the curtains or harvesting the houseplants and have done very well in a house with a multitude of tempting strings and things to get into (my foster mom is a fibre artist).  I do like to scratch, though, but multiple scratching posts/pads throughout the house and some firm preliminary training are all that are needed to keep me on cue.

I am definitely a bit of a drama queen when it comes to sharing the spotlight and I need to be the center of attention and the only pet in the household.  I’m looking for my special person or mature family to give me a furrever home so I can ride off into the sunset and say “Hasta La vista, baby” to foster care. Click on the link and put in an application to make me a part of your home movies today! xo Holly

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