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Date of Birth
November 14, 2017

Located In
Calgary + Area, AB

About Streep

Some Photos courtesy of Zheng Dou Photography

Slightly timid

Hi, I’m Streep! Even though I’m a little shy, I enjoy sleeping beside my human roommate in their bed at night, making sure to lie on my blanket, so as not to transfer fur to their blanket. Trying to bite the laser as the dot goes by is a favorite activity.  I also enjoy trying to catch a hanging string so that I can place it in my mouth to walk away claiming my prize. 

Long cuddles in my comfort room gets me purring right away, but I do love to explore the house as well.  FYI – I’m a ninja when exploring the house.  I sometimes make my human roommates jump as I seem to appear out of nowhere in front of them. That said, when I’m picked up, I do like to carry on a conversation with you and have the cutest squeak of a meow.  

I am also a model citizen when getting my nails trimmed at the at home salon, and only squeak slightly in protest. I would like to add that I am always prompt for mealtime. My ears are always in tune to listen for the food being scooped out of the food bucket so that I can race from wherever I am in the house to meet you at the food bowl for when you pour the food.  I feel it is just common courtesy to show politeness to whom brings you you sustenance.

I’m a quiet and cuddly cat, just needing a bit of time to get comfortable first.-xo Streep 

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Not tested with dogs

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Only tested with kids over 8 yrs

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