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August 16, 2022

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Calgary + Area, AB

About Earl

Some Photos courtesy of Jane Elizabeth Carter Photography


My name is Earl. And if you watched too much tv in the early 2000’s you might think this is Karma. Have you ever noticed how some people watch from the sideline initially, and then pretty soon they’ve warmed up and  become, your best, most loyal and sweetest friend. Well that’s me, Earl.


When I first came to my foster I wasn’t sure about humans, I watched them pretty carefully but once I realized all the great things humans bring, well – all I can say is I’m a fan. When my foster people get home I greet them at the door with my 2 kitty siblings (Grey and Oolong) and my foster dog and cat. I wait my turn for my check-in cuddle… it’s worth it now that my fosters know how much I love a good neck scratch! And the compliments! …” Earl, you are so good at using your litter box!”…”Earl you are such a handsome kitten!”…”Earl your coat is soft like a cloud!”. I suppose it’s all true but really I just like being safe and loved. So if you could use a sweet and loyal best friend, maybe this is karma. xo Earl

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