Hi! My name is




Domestic Medium Hair


Date of Birth
September 23, 2019

Located In
Calgary + Area, AB

About Wiley

My attention is a valuable commodity. I’ll give you a couple days to prove you’re worth it “I’m a bit of a big deal and as appropriate for a cat of my stature, I’m gonna need some time to check you out before I give you the honour of petting me. We can speed up this process if you have some nice treats but don’t my cuddles cannot be bought so cheaply.

If you manage to pass my vetting process, you and me will go together like salmon pate and kibble. I like to cuddle on the couch where I’ll stare into your eyes, sometimes without blinking for minutes at a time.

I know everything you do is for my benefit and I like to vocalize to keep you focussed.

You might think you need to work, but what you need to do is pet me. And I’ll sit on your keyboard to make sure you get the message.

You’re gathering ingredients from the pantry to make dinner? Surely not. The pantry is where my treats are and we both know if you open that door, you’re really in there to get me some treats. I will meow at you and rub against your legs to make sure you don’t deviate from our mission.

Let’s talk sleeping arrangements. I will sleep on your bed with you. That’s not negotiable. I’m flexible, however, on where I sleep. Preferably, I’d spend the night on your neck or chest but I can be persuaded to sleep next to you, so long as my paw is touching one part of your body.”

Good with Cats?

Not tested with Cats yet

Good with Dogs?

Not tested with Dogs yet.

Good with Kids?

Yes, good with kids

Do I Need Special Care?

Medical Disclosure for Grade 1 Heart Murmur

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