Hi! My name is

Banh Mi

I have an Adoption Application Pending!





Date of Birth
August 8, 2021

Located In
Calgary AB

About Banh Mi

Photos courtesy of Jane Elizabeth Carter Photography


Slightly Timid


Hi there! I’m Banh Mi, the lion cat. I need a pride of my own – can I come to your place? When I first arrived at my foster’s home, I thought loud sounds and sudden movements were pretty scary. I also didn’t trust this new person, so I found it necessary to defend myself from being touched or brushed. However, as time went on I began to feel more comfortable in my new environment and started to reveal my true, playful nature.


I now live with two humans, another cat, and a small dog. At first I didn’t like when the dog walked toward me, but now I’ve decided she’s okay.. I love to play chase with my foster sister, Nosh – we zoom around the house on a daily basis and have short swatting matches sometimes. However, I think she gets tired of me after a while because I don’t always know when to quit, so she tells me to back off with a hiss or two. Sometimes I listen to her, other times my foster mom has to separate us for a bit so that I can calm down! Thus, I think I’d really like it if my forever home had another young, playful cat who can handle a rough-n-tumble style of play. If not, then a human who will play with me lots and lots will do! 


With the humans in my current home, I like to be in their company for most of the day. I follow my foster mom around the house and like to hang out with her while she’s working. I even let her pet me a bit now and brush me, but only for short stints. She also has to let me bite another brush while she’s brushing me, otherwise her hands are my target.. I’ve learned that humans don’t love being bitten or scratched, so I try to keep them light, but sometimes I get too excited and forget to be gentle! I’m still partly in kitten mode, what can I say?

So far I’ve been really good about using the litter box, and I make sure to get every last bite when it comes to eating. I even purr super loudly for my foster mom at meal time – she thinks it’s pretty cute! In regards to scratching though, I’m still learning what’s allowed.. I like to scratch carpet, but I’m trying to figure out exactly why the carpet *post* is allowed, but not the carpet *floors*. “ With lots of patience and love I can be your new best friend – apply to take me home today! xo Banh Mi

Good with Cats?

Would be happiest with another cat

Good with Dogs?

Tested with small dogs only

Good with Kids?

Not tested with kids

Do I Need Special Care?

URTI Disclosure (Cat Cold)

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