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Date of Birth
June 30, 2017

Located In
Calgary AB

About Rossetti

Some Photos courtesy of Jane Elizabeth Carter Photography

Slightly timid

Hi. My name is Rossetti and I am the Queen of Snuggles.  I love to sit on the sofa between my favorite humans and be petted, so save the middle seat for me! My foster family suspects that I went to a manners school for cats.  They have never met anyone with better etiquette.  I never jump on tables or kitchen counters. I also do not like to walk over my humans when they are on the sofa.  I prefer to sit down properly on the sofa right next to you.  The sofa is my favorite place to be.

My foster family has tested me to see how I would behave if left alone…even with an open can of cat food on the dining room table.  They returned to find me still on the sofa and the can untouched!  Like I said, I am the Queen of Manners.  

When they first brought me home, I hid under the sofa for just an hour.  Then I felt safe enough to venture out and test their petting skills.  It now takes far less time for me to let new people take my petting skills test.  If you pass the initial test, you can be this queen’s loyal subject.  You know you’ve passed when we move onto the belly rubs.  

I am the quietest cat my foster mom has ever met.  My meows in the car ride are quiet.  I know that meowing is bad manners, so I never meow in the house.  Even if my family sleeps in, I do not meow to wake them up.  I will wait patiently for breakfast. 

Although this Queen has her own cat bed, I prefer to sleep at the end of the bed with my loyal subjects at night.  Just like I prefer to be by your side on the sofa during the day.  I need to be the only pet in your home but if you are looking for companionship on the sofa, I’m your cat! Let’s enjoy TV and reading time together. 

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Good with Kids?

Only tested with kids over 8 yrs

Do I Need Special Care?

Ongoing eye care for facial nerve condition

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