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German Shepherd


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October 24, 2021

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About Nicks

Photos courtesy of Maretta Walker Photography

“Hi! I’m Nicks and here is what you need to know me:
I like to go, go, go… until I stop. There is no in between. I haven’t quite figured out this thing called “moderation” but give me time; I’m still young.
We are going to need a dog my own size (about 50 lbs) to be my other best friend (you will be my first best friend, of course). I like to sit on anyone smaller than me. What can I say, they are soft and squishy like my toys. This doesn’t usually go over well with them. Little dogs bark and cats hiss (and babies will probably cry) and no one wants to listen to that racket all day.
I love water. I mean, I really love water. It doesn’t matter what form it is in: pool water or a snowpile, it’s all the same to me. I may also join you in the shower, drink from the tap, and stay out in inclement weather.
What else… I prefer wet food to dry, play a mean game of fetch, I know how to sit and shake both paws (not at the same time but I’m up for a challenge), am a great hiking companion… Did I mention I give hugs yet?  Not just hugs but full body immersive hug experiences. I offer them to just about everyone I meet.
I could probably benefit from a class or two in manners; I can get a little too excited at times but there is just so much fun to be had!  What do you say, you and I have fun together?” – xo, Nicks  

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