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Domestic Medium Hair


Date of Birth
June 21, 2019

Located In
Calgary + Area, AB

About Amulet

Hi! My name is Amulet, and I am an active, friendly, gorgeous girl! “My foster human says that if I were a dog, I would be a border collie! I love action and when I am done watching birds or running around the house with my new friends, I ‘herd’ my human to the room with my favourite toy and demand that she plays with me. Then I might take a powernap. Naps are awesome.

I am a vocal girl – I love to trill and chatter so that no one forgets where I am, what I want, or how beautiful I am!!

I also love routines and predictable humans. I have my own window perch where I get my breakfast and supper, and I have taught my human how to give me the kinds of wet and dry food that I really like.

As you can see, I have medium length fur that is super easy to maintain, a beautiful fluffy tail, and amazing yellow eyes. I love a good back-scratch or belly rub, but I don’t really like being picked up. I will sit next to my foster-human or head-butt her so that she remembers to pet me, while I trill away happily, but I’m not really into being a lap cat. If my human sneaks out of the room and doesn’t tell me where she is going though, I will chatter and come looking for her. I also really like other cats and have made some nice playmate friends. There is one older cat that doesn’t like me, but we have a truce going and I just stay out of her way.

It is great here, but I am looking forward to my forever home—hopefully with humans who have a lot of time at home to give me attention and play with me as I am so active and curious. I would be ok as an only cat but I think I would prefer to be in a home with other cats who want to have a new friend around. I have not met any dogs or children yet, but if they were gentle with me, I think we could get along great.”

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