Hi! My name is

Nacho Cheese



Domestic Short Hair


Date of Birth
May 13, 2012

Located In

About Nacho Cheese

“My name is Nacho Cheese, but once you adopt me you can name me ANYTHING you like!”

Nacho Cheese is gentle and affectionate. He is quick to purr, and will rub against you. He loves to get pets and is quite cuddly.  Nacho Cheese will happily lay next to you on the couch or bed, and will warm your lap while you work on your laptop.

NC is a long cat with a long tail. His coat is very sleek and soft. When he joined our foster home, we were surprised how young he looked. Nacho Cheese is still very agile and he hasn’t gained a lot of weight, as some cats his age tend to do.

Nacho does have a special diet. Just as you and I feel better when we eat a healthy diet suited to our needs, so does NC thrive on his kidney/renal food. And, as many of us find ourselves on prescriptions, NC just went on a synthetic thyroid tablet. He doesn’t love it, but he tolerates receiving his medication tablets in his gentle way.

There are no dogs or adult cats at his foster home. He is slowly being introduced to two foster kittens (10+ weeks) and is doing wonderful so far at spending some time with them. Nacho Cheese had young human visitors the first day he was in foster care. He was barely stressed at all with the transition to his new home, and was fantastic with the children he met.

“You really need to see me in person so I can impress you :)”

Good with Cats?

Not tested with Cats yet

Good with Dogs?

Not tested with Dogs yet

Good with Kids?

Yes, Good with Kids

Do I Need Special Care?

Yes, Medical Special Needs - Needs kidney food, thyroid medication, URTI

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