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German Shepherd


Date of Birth
April 21, 2020

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About Samosa

Photos courtesy of Kayli McLelland

“Have you ever had samosas? Those little pockets packed with favors, personality and character. I’m like THAT … ok, maybe not so ‘little’.

Hello and thanks for stopping by. My name is Samosa but you can call me “Sammy”. I am an energetic, fun loving and affectionate gal, who looking for my “furever” home.

I love people, especially if they come with endless pets and scratches. In return, I will give you lots of kisses and cuddles. Also, I make an awesome companion, for both adventures outdoors and quiet weekends staying in. Oh! I should tell you, am jumpy and mouthy when I’m excited, so I may need some supervision around little humans. For doggie friends, I get along better with other dogs my size or larger, after a proper introduction of course.

My foster mum and I had been working on loose leash walking, although I sometimes am still reactive (to smaller dogs, rabbits or squirrels), she tells me I’ve made BIG improvements since moving in with her. Maybe look at it differently, I am training her to pay attention to our surroundings, so she can be proactive in guiding my response. Speaking about training, I am very smart, I’ve learn commands quickly and I even picked up on a few of mom’s preferences like she wants me to wait in a sit before she’ll open the door/gate for me; when she’s working, I should entertain myself but I can go ask for pets politely; when she looks at me a certain way, I should probably drop what I have in my mouth.

Samosa is irresistible, come meet me and you will fall in love!” – xo, Samosa

Good with Cats?

Not formally tested, but had been reactive on walks passing cats

Good with Dogs?

Dog Selective, does best with dogs of similar size and playstyle

Good with Kids?

Only tested with Kids Over 8 Years

Do I Need Special Care?

Yes, Behavioural Special Needs - Can be reactive, easily excited (jumping, mouthing), flight risk.

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